Our Weekend in Maine

Hi, Friends!

I'm coming up for air after a busy five days in Maine and thrilled to be on vacation with my family. Ryan is here until Sunday and I've got another nine days, so life is good!

My sister got married on Sunday which was obviously the highlight of our weekend and then we took today to make a leisurely drive up the coast on our way to my hometown. We stopped for lobster rolls, to show Liv the ocean (she loved the seaweed!), and just soaked in the cooler temperatures. Pictures tell the story the best, so here they are!

This photo was taken pre-manicure at the more adorable nail bar in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Should you find yourself in the area, please do yourself a favor and stop in at Buff and File

We re-caffeinated a lot. A lot.

Emily got us all seersucker shirts with monogrammed cuffs and pockets from Old Navy. She went with slim fit men's shirts and they were so comfy and perfect to relax in that morning!

Speaking of what was worn...check out these bad boys.

Remember to breathe, ladies. These are the Lavender pump in Blush by Badgley Mischka and they were to die. It was my job to find her some shoes and I had these sent to her doorstep about a month before the wedding. Needless to say, we had a winner. 

She kept all her accessories blush, including a serious Amazon find in the form on this Aldo bow clutch and some borrowed Kate Spade earrings from Stephanie.

My brother in law sent over a series of gifts to remind her of the start of their relationship including a bottle of Gatorade and a box of popsicles that had us all choking back tears. 

The ceremony was short and sweet and my little flower girl made it down the aisle no problem, despite the rehearsal being, ahem, less than desirable.

Aren't they hideous? 

Their photographer (my dear friend Danielle ) had the idea to use this old warehouse as a backdrop for some photos and I cannot wait to see the magic she works with this!

Once we managed to peel ourselves out of bed the next morning and send the newlyweds off, we went on a hunt for lobster. We ended up at Sprague's in Wiscasset and they didn't skimp on the meat. My kind of people.

It was a classic Maine day. Foggy and cool with sunshine later in the day. We took our time, making a two hour drive last for five and landed in my hometown just in time to eat dinner. Theme? Yes.

My Jacket | Liv's Jacket Old

Tomorrow morning we're dropping Olivia off with my in-laws who are looking forward to an awesome day with her and the hubs and I will be heading to Bar Harbor for pancakes and a day date before Steph arrives! Not sure how we managed it, but we're making a best friend week happen in Maine of all places!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Your sister (and those shoes) is/are STUNNING! Congratulations! Glad to hear everything went well!

  2. Looks like an amazing wedding and trip! Any recommendations in Bar Harbor (hotels, things to do, etc)? We're hoping to go there this fall! :)


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