Meanwhile in Momville...

Yesterday I finally got the call I'd been waiting for for days, the call confirming Olivia's spot in her Mother's Day Out class. I nearly wept with relief. Drama much? 

Theatrics aside, I hadn't had any communication from the school yet this Summer, so I was a little nervous they lost our application or that perhaps one of the teachers was a blog reader and struck Liv's name from the list because she thinks her mother is a nut job. Fortunately, neither of those happened and she'll be ready to rock and roll when we get home from Maine. 

In the meantime, we've been hanging out in the 'burbs like the basics we are and she's just about killing me with her little personality. We were FaceTiming with Steph and G yesterday and when she said hi to Gray she said "oh hi, baby! he's soooo cute!". Then Steph and I proceeded to squeal and ooh and ah over it for several minutes, obviously.

So we've been painting (all. the. time.), matching whenever she'll permit it (instances when she isn't wearing full princess regalia are far and few between), and finding creative ways to spend our afternoons.

We celebrated Ryan's birthday yesterday and he requested an ice cream cake. So we picked one up at the grocery store and killed many minutes (five whoppers) decorating it.

And can I confess something?

My child doesn't love to read books. With us anyway. She has the hardest time sitting still lately and just can't be bothered. Unless it's Gigi reading. She requests a book nightly (usually Chicka Chicka Boom Boom) via FaceTime and is just rapt with attention. It's the funniest thing and she'll "read" my mom pages from memory. 

Oh, and that's a cocoon from the Very Hungry Caterpillar in that photo. Not a giant poo. Seriously, people. 


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  2. So cute that her grandma reads her books over facetime! Isn't technology just the best thing ever??


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