Embracing It

Things are a little nutty around here, but in a surprising turn of events, I'm embracing it.

If you've read here for long, you know that I've struggled with parenting a strong willed kiddo and while I certainly wouldn't say I'm suddenly crushing it at parenting, I've decided to embrace her spunky, fiery personality (and time outs) and that's made a noticeable difference in our quality of life around here. 

I'm embracing the frenzy that can come with a growing business (and a Fall launch coming up soon!) and just generally made the decision to be ok with life not being all smooth and orderly.

It mostly looks like this:

It also looks like putting the babe to bed at 8 and working on WC 'til 10, then making dinner (scrambled eggs) and FaceTimeing with Ryan (he's been out of town until today!) before I put new sheets on the bed since Liv puked all over ours the night before. If you didn't think I was glam before....

There's lots of multitasking, occasionally dropping the ball, and lots and lots of hugging it out. I've always got one for Liv, Ryan's always got one for me, and we keep his office well stocked with Jujubes as a thank you for keeping us emotional women together. 

We're all looking forward to a couple of weeks in Maine this month to recharge, rest up, and enjoy some time together. We'll also be embracing much cooler temps (thank you, thank you), each other, and probably a glass or two of wine. And lobster rolls. And whoopie pies. You get where I'm going with this...

p.s. Steph just sent me this BuzzFeed article on Maine - check it out!


  1. Your life sounds and looks a whole lot like mine, sweet friend! We're in the toddler trenches for sure! I'm constantly inspired by how you manage to do it all, while also running a business that is flourishing! And very jealous of your Maine getaways - GA is so hot and humid this time of year, it's all I can do to keep myself from booking a plane ticket north!

  2. Oh girl, you have to learn to live with it just as you've described! Out of my quads, I have one very strong-willed kinda-crazy little girl. She's JUST like me and we butt heads all the time. She wants to be independent all the time so a few months ago I started trying to work with that instead of manage her. I give her more responsibility and tasks, have her help me with things and praise her for all the stuff she does right instead of focusing on where she frustrates me or messes up. It does make a big difference and also helps me be a happier, slightly less stressed mom! I work from home part-time as a writer and also have my little Etsy shop and juggling the kids, a husband who often works long hours or travels, a house to maintain and everything else, it can definitely get overwhelming! I can say that rolling with the punches as best as possible is the best way to go. I am still working on not being so hard on myself when I have days that aren't as productive (at all) as I wanted them to be and realizing that I can try again later and to enjoy reading books on the floor with my kids and just shoving all the toys to the side because those are the moments that count!!! Love your blog and keeping up with your growing business, the products you love and your parenting trial and errors. Keep up the great work!! :)

    Texas Tales - bellsandkilts.blogspot.com

  3. Hi ma'am! Thanks for the BuzzFeed article. My girlfriend and I are taking our annual girls trip to Bar Harbor this year. Any must-sees/eats we need to know about?!

  4. What a good reminder- to live with it! I'm sure O will appreciate it in the long run, and until then you will have some hilarious stories to share!

  5. This post came at the perfect time! Same boat, strong willed boy, etc. one of those days today. So happy I read this!!


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