3 Things I Love About the Terrible Twos

I know that historically I've been known to focus on the trials of motherhood. I can't lie, the solidarity I get from all of you after those types of posts go live is super comforting...there's nothing like knowing your child isn't the only one who's deliberately peeing on the floor during a time out. 

Today's post is a little different though. In the spirit of looking at the glass half full, let's talk about all the things I love about the terrible twos, because this age definitely isn't all bad. 

1. The Talking

Listen to your child say "mama, I go fly on the plane to the moon!" and tell me you don't want to squeeze them so hard that they beg you to stop. Hearing their little voices articulate their thoughts and ideas is just about the coolest thing ever. Sure, sometimes my child says "no talk, mama" but she also kisses me on the forehead and says "dere, all bebber" when she accidentally whacks me in the face with her costume jewelry.

2. The Loving

The hugs. The kisses. The offering of disgusting half chewed food. They start it early on, but it just keeps getting better, more genuine, and hilariously timed. You say "time out" and get ready for a seriously big hug. And try not to laugh. 

3. The Independence

This one. Oh boy. The independence and desire for autonomy is simultaneously the best and worst part of this age for me. It's the root of so many tantrums, disagreements, and difficulties, but it's also really amazing. I love that she takes herself to the bathroom, dresses herself, brushes her teeth, and struggles to open snacks on her own. Watching her become who she's going to be has been one of the real joys of motherhood for me. While her fiery, spirited, and crazy stubborn (and noisy) personality has caused me to want to sprint out of the grocery store more than once, they're qualities I hope she retains as an adult because I think they'll make her a force to be reckoned with.

Inevitably, whenever the terrible twos come up, someone will chime in "just wait 'til three, that's even worse!". 

Here's a tip: that makes first time two year old moms want to cry. 

That's like telling a pregnant woman that if she thinks pregnancy is hard, just wait 'til that ten pound baby comes barreling down the birth canal. Not helpful. 

Twonager, threenager, does it really matter? They've all given us more love than we ever thought we could handle. So it's a more than a draw right?


  1. I hate hate hate when people say "just wait 'til..." No one is an expert on someone else's kids... Rant over! However, I was the mom thinking that my special snowflake would breeze through the threes....

  2. Oh yeah, the twos (and threes) definitely have their pros and cons. I honestly think they are kind of bipolar at this age. One minute noah is saying "hit mama" or "no talk mama" (glad to hear he isn't the only one who does this) and then he's all lovey dovey kissing my arm and giving me hugs!

  3. I was just about to say- I MISS TWO. Three has been ahem challenging. BUT. At three lex got herself a sister and she's been slow to come around about it! And I heard someone else say two was bad for them but three was glorious. So it's a wash. They give you what they want when they want. Because all toddlers are created equal ;)

  4. I love this post!! You are so right, I have a 2 year old and some days are just plain hard! But there is also so much good too!! Thanks for the reminder of just how amazing our little humans are! And yes, I hate when people tell me to just wait until she's three... Definitely not helpful!!

  5. Two was definitely such a sweet, sweet age!! I think every age has its challenges, for sure, but you're so right about 2!!

  6. P has just started to throw her body on the floor dramatically when she doesn't get her way. She has been one for SIX DAYS....I am not ready for this!!!

  7. aww things to look forward to... my husband was just saying the other day he wonders how Violet's voice will sound when she starts to talk :) :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  8. Those days are the cutest! Really, my son is about to turn four and I'm sad because the threes have been adorable. He says the most precious things! It goes fast.


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