Time to Go

Well, it's just about over. Tomorrow is for laundry, last minute trips for plane snacks, and a dinner with my parents. Tuesday is for driving to Boston with prayers for a car nap and an evening flight direct to Houston and hubby.

I hate to be a broken record, but these trips always leave me so conflicted. On the one hand, I'm internally doing the big ugly cry when I get to the airport and on the other hand I'm internally jumping up and down. "My stuff!" "Our schedule!" "Fall Launch!".

It's a little nutty in my mind lately.

Regardless, no matter how I feel when we leave, I'm always happy to be taking home a new bunch of memories and several extra pounds thanks to the food I'm so bent on inhaling while I'm here. I'm confident this was one of our best trips yet, both behavior and experience wise. Not only did I get to hang with my bestie and my family, but we got some WC stuff handled as well as spent lots of time enjoying my beautiful home state.

I'll post some more later this week about the fun things we did while here, but I thought I'd leave you with a few of my favorite shots from the past couple days before I gather up allll the things (light packers we are not) and schlep my tiny sidekick down to Boston for her 30th (yes, 30th!) plane ride.

Bog walk with my parents on Sunday morning. Most heard phrase? "Papa, wait for me! Swow down!"

Homemade blueberry pie. Worth about 1 million calories.

A view pretty enough to warm even my not so outdoor loving heart.

With any luck, we'll be grocery shopped, caught up on shipping orders, and ready to rock the Willow Crowns Fall launch on Thursday morning at 10 AM! See you there!

Five Under Five : Beauty

I've got a thing with numbers going lately, but just bear with me!

I'm not one to shy away from slightly pricier items that I absolutely love,  but I also love a good deal. I remember feeling like five dollars was a fortune when I was a kid (it was my weekly allowance) and I love being able to snag something fantastic for under $5! These are a few of my favorite beauty items that won't break the bank but get the job done!

Five Beauty Favorites Under Five Dollars

Not Your Mother's Dry Shampoo | Baby Lips |  Almay Lip Gloss | Weekly Detox Pantene Shampoo | Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes

Every one of these can be found for under $5 at Target, so next time you're there, be sure to take a swing through the beauty section and get that basic beauty high.

The Baby Lips and Almay Gloss are the top two most used lip products in my daily rotation without fail. I use the Baby Lips as my lip balm (and keep a few in my night stand for emergencies) and the gloss when I need some subtle, non sticky color throughout the day. The best part is that you'll be able to afford to try every single color!

The weekly detox shampoo by Pantene is a great one because I feel like it really helps get rid of the product build up from the week (including the best dry shampoo ever!) that regular shampoo doesn't quite cut through. It's a deep clean and smells delish.

Speaking of clean, my hair isn't always first day clean, which is when the dry shampoo comes in handy. It helps a good hair day last one day longer and is the best darn way to lift limp locks when the humidity strikes. This can is big, will last forever, and won't hurt your wallet at all. It's also the only reason I feel ok showing my face in public sometimes.

Finally, the makeup remover wipes are my saving grace on days when I'm just too lazy to use face wash. I feel like it's better than nothing and that I'm not letting a days worth of BB cream, blush, and toddler germs just bake on my face overnight. I also really like the travel packs of these for trips and always have a pretty good size stash under my vanity!

3 Things I Love About the Terrible Twos

I know that historically I've been known to focus on the trials of motherhood. I can't lie, the solidarity I get from all of you after those types of posts go live is super comforting...there's nothing like knowing your child isn't the only one who's deliberately peeing on the floor during a time out. 

Today's post is a little different though. In the spirit of looking at the glass half full, let's talk about all the things I love about the terrible twos, because this age definitely isn't all bad. 

1. The Talking

Listen to your child say "mama, I go fly on the plane to the moon!" and tell me you don't want to squeeze them so hard that they beg you to stop. Hearing their little voices articulate their thoughts and ideas is just about the coolest thing ever. Sure, sometimes my child says "no talk, mama" but she also kisses me on the forehead and says "dere, all bebber" when she accidentally whacks me in the face with her costume jewelry.

2. The Loving

The hugs. The kisses. The offering of disgusting half chewed food. They start it early on, but it just keeps getting better, more genuine, and hilariously timed. You say "time out" and get ready for a seriously big hug. And try not to laugh. 

3. The Independence

This one. Oh boy. The independence and desire for autonomy is simultaneously the best and worst part of this age for me. It's the root of so many tantrums, disagreements, and difficulties, but it's also really amazing. I love that she takes herself to the bathroom, dresses herself, brushes her teeth, and struggles to open snacks on her own. Watching her become who she's going to be has been one of the real joys of motherhood for me. While her fiery, spirited, and crazy stubborn (and noisy) personality has caused me to want to sprint out of the grocery store more than once, they're qualities I hope she retains as an adult because I think they'll make her a force to be reckoned with.

Inevitably, whenever the terrible twos come up, someone will chime in "just wait 'til three, that's even worse!". 

Here's a tip: that makes first time two year old moms want to cry. 

That's like telling a pregnant woman that if she thinks pregnancy is hard, just wait 'til that ten pound baby comes barreling down the birth canal. Not helpful. 

Twonager, threenager, does it really matter? They've all given us more love than we ever thought we could handle. So it's a more than a draw right?

Our Weekend in Maine

Hi, Friends!

I'm coming up for air after a busy five days in Maine and thrilled to be on vacation with my family. Ryan is here until Sunday and I've got another nine days, so life is good!

My sister got married on Sunday which was obviously the highlight of our weekend and then we took today to make a leisurely drive up the coast on our way to my hometown. We stopped for lobster rolls, to show Liv the ocean (she loved the seaweed!), and just soaked in the cooler temperatures. Pictures tell the story the best, so here they are!

This photo was taken pre-manicure at the more adorable nail bar in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Should you find yourself in the area, please do yourself a favor and stop in at Buff and File

We re-caffeinated a lot. A lot.

Emily got us all seersucker shirts with monogrammed cuffs and pockets from Old Navy. She went with slim fit men's shirts and they were so comfy and perfect to relax in that morning!

Speaking of what was worn...check out these bad boys.

Remember to breathe, ladies. These are the Lavender pump in Blush by Badgley Mischka and they were to die. It was my job to find her some shoes and I had these sent to her doorstep about a month before the wedding. Needless to say, we had a winner. 

She kept all her accessories blush, including a serious Amazon find in the form on this Aldo bow clutch and some borrowed Kate Spade earrings from Stephanie.

My brother in law sent over a series of gifts to remind her of the start of their relationship including a bottle of Gatorade and a box of popsicles that had us all choking back tears. 

The ceremony was short and sweet and my little flower girl made it down the aisle no problem, despite the rehearsal being, ahem, less than desirable.

Aren't they hideous? 

Their photographer (my dear friend Danielle ) had the idea to use this old warehouse as a backdrop for some photos and I cannot wait to see the magic she works with this!

Once we managed to peel ourselves out of bed the next morning and send the newlyweds off, we went on a hunt for lobster. We ended up at Sprague's in Wiscasset and they didn't skimp on the meat. My kind of people.

It was a classic Maine day. Foggy and cool with sunshine later in the day. We took our time, making a two hour drive last for five and landed in my hometown just in time to eat dinner. Theme? Yes.

My Jacket | Liv's Jacket Old

Tomorrow morning we're dropping Olivia off with my in-laws who are looking forward to an awesome day with her and the hubs and I will be heading to Bar Harbor for pancakes and a day date before Steph arrives! Not sure how we managed it, but we're making a best friend week happen in Maine of all places!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Packing for Maine

We're headed to the 207 (yes the entire state has the same area code) in just over 48 hours for a two week vacation/my baby sister's wedding and I spent a good portion of the day doing a million (yes, exactly a million) loads of laundry and starting the whole packing process.

I thought, in my egotistical small time blogger way, that you might enjoy seeing what I pack for a two week trip to the great white North. It was either that or another weekend recap, and really this is all you need to know.

 While I don't consider myself an expert packer, or even someone who's good at packing minimally, I like to think I'm a practical packer and don't go too over the top. This is super specific to a Maine Summer (warmish days and cool evenings) but is pretty consistent with my packing formula if you will.

So let's crack that suitcase open. 

There's still plenty of room in here for lounge pants, undies, and all the things you don't need to see, but this is the proof it all fits. I don't do carry ons much these days since a purse and a toddler kind of max me out in the carry on department, so I'm a big fan of checked bags and don't hesitate to fill 'em up.

First up, bottoms. I wear jeans for the flight usually, and pack my favorite two pairs of boyfriend shorts. They're both from Old Navy (white and distressed) and are super easy to make outfits with. 

I always, always pack a few of my favorite Piko tees because they're a breeze to throw on with shorts or jeans and are also great to sleep in. Multitasking, laziness, whatever you want to call it. 

I tossed my floppy Anthropologie hat in too because bad hair days are inevitable and I know too many people in my hometown to go out looking like I do here in the safety of my relative anonymity. 

Blouses and a button up also make the cut for times when I need to up the ante a smidge or have a date night with Ryan (we enjoy the you know what out of the free child care that is grandparents while we're home). 

Target Button Up | Anthro Maeve Blouse | Blue Blouse from Nordstrom Rack

Speaking of date night, I like to throw in a shift dress as an extra. It multitasks like nobody's business, perfect for grocery shopping with my mom, or with heels for a lobster roll with my honey. This heathered Target version is a new buy and I l-o-v-e. Oh yeah, and it's on sale for $13.

We'll probably go to the lake and while I won't swim much (I'm actually allergic to lake water which is about the lamest thing I've ever heard of), I'll wade in with O to make sand castles, catch tiny turtles, etc. and I'll only ever rely on my beloved La Blanca swimsuit when a maillot is a must. That plus a sweet monogrammed baseball cap for my pasty skin.

In the random items category we have wedges for date night, a jacket because it's gonna get cold, and a sweater because it's gonna get cold. Granted I'm a total wimp after two years of living on the sun, but it definitely gets chilly when the sun goes down and I'd rather be warm than freezing my whiny buns.

Old Navy Jacket | H&M Sweater  (old)| Lilly for Target Wedges

Finally (almost), let's talk bags. I usually bring a tote (often doubles as my carry on) and a small cross body for child free times. This Old Navy tote is sold out but there's a similar version here at Nordstrom (and under $50). The cross body is perfect for quick errands, dinners out, and fits in my suitcase no problem. Mine's from Nordstrom rack, but similar here

Shoes are simple, metallic sandals that go with everything and easy boat shoes because, well, it's Maine. 

If you made it through this whole thing, pour a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, whichever you're more comfortable with depending on the time of day you're reading. It sounds like a lot when you break it down,  but it's really just five shirts, a dress, two pairs of pants, and a jacket more or less. Yeah I'm going to cram about six cans of dry shampoo, a curling iron, and all the BB Creams in the world into there, but that seems excessive to cover today.

Hope you all had a great weekend and I'll write to you from Maine! 

Embracing It

Things are a little nutty around here, but in a surprising turn of events, I'm embracing it.

If you've read here for long, you know that I've struggled with parenting a strong willed kiddo and while I certainly wouldn't say I'm suddenly crushing it at parenting, I've decided to embrace her spunky, fiery personality (and time outs) and that's made a noticeable difference in our quality of life around here. 

I'm embracing the frenzy that can come with a growing business (and a Fall launch coming up soon!) and just generally made the decision to be ok with life not being all smooth and orderly.

It mostly looks like this:

It also looks like putting the babe to bed at 8 and working on WC 'til 10, then making dinner (scrambled eggs) and FaceTimeing with Ryan (he's been out of town until today!) before I put new sheets on the bed since Liv puked all over ours the night before. If you didn't think I was glam before....

There's lots of multitasking, occasionally dropping the ball, and lots and lots of hugging it out. I've always got one for Liv, Ryan's always got one for me, and we keep his office well stocked with Jujubes as a thank you for keeping us emotional women together. 

We're all looking forward to a couple of weeks in Maine this month to recharge, rest up, and enjoy some time together. We'll also be embracing much cooler temps (thank you, thank you), each other, and probably a glass or two of wine. And lobster rolls. And whoopie pies. You get where I'm going with this...

p.s. Steph just sent me this BuzzFeed article on Maine - check it out!

Product PSA

Hey, friends!

Just popping my head in with a little PSA about a product I just had to tell you all about! Let me just start by saying this is #notsponsored. I just genuinely love to dish about good beauty finds with you ladies and totally stumbled upon a gem this week!

I wandered into Ulta a few days ago since my Hot Tools curling iron bit the dust and the Target replacement I thought I could get away with wasn't cutting it. By the way, going to shop for beauty products with a toddler is one of the dumber things I've done recently. Lesson learned.

I guess I was looking a little rough (baseball hat on top of third day hair), because no fewer than three people tried really hard to help me and I swear I could hear them thinking "oh bless her heart, she's never been in a make up store before". Anyway.

I grabbed the new curling iron, restocked my favorite Living Proof Shampo (clearly much needed), and then saw this little guy hanging out on the display shelf.

I was totally intrigued by the promise that it could improve the appearance of my skin while also making my hastily applied makeup last longer. So I bit.

Here's the deal...this stuff is awesome. The packaging, the pump dispenser, and the lightweight formula are all fantastic.

My makeup (I've tried both BB Cream and full coverage foundation) goes on more smoothly, definitely stays put, and shine is minimized, even in this suffocating heat. The best part? It actually makes my skin look better with makeup on. It helps with that "glow-y" quality and my skin looked hydrated. Since I'm terrible about getting lots of sleep (Instagram is so much more interesting) and drinking lots of water (Diet Dr. Pepper is so much more delicious), I need some help in the skin department from time to time and this is officially part of my rotation.


If we've not met in person, you may not know that I'm not the most graceful person around. If we've met in person, you definitely know that.

I've split open my knee falling off a diving board, split my lip running (and I mean running) into a sliding glass door, fallen down stairs, gotten in more car wrecks (only one my fault!) than anyone I know, and other miscellaneous disasters over the past 27 years. 

I'm also a dropper. You name it, I'll drop it. Like this full cup of coffee on the floor yesterday.

I did the same thing at Target about a month ago and was beyond mortified. I started digging baby wipes out of my purse but it was beyond what wipes can handle. They brought out the mop and I tried to bury myself under the bath towels and die.

So there was the coffee drop in the morning, followed by a giant broken trash bag in the afternoon, a broken bowl later in the day, followed by dipping the ends of my hair in the toilet when I was trying to help Liv finish up in the bathroom. 

Like I said, graceful. 

Unfortunately, Olivia has inherited my bad luck and lack of coordination. Steph goes so far as to call her Olivia Grace, despite that not being her middle name. 

I like to say that it's not my fault. I got my first stitches at six days old thanks to a cyst around my right adrenal gland that left me with a whopper of an abdominal scar (that's in just the right place to create a faux fat roll) and I just haven't stopped dropping things and racking up the injuries since. My most recent is a super sexy burn along my right hand courtesy of my new curling wand. 

So what's a girl to do? Buy a replacement cup of coffee (or six), keep a first aid kit in my car, and move along. Tomorrow's got to be less clumsy, right?

Weekend Wrap Up

We leave for Maine in just over a week, so this coming week is sure to be a busy one! We're meeting Liv's new teacher, turning in all our necessary paperwork, having some fun playdates, and getting every little thing ready for the WC Fall launch before we leave!

I don't usually work on WC during the weekends, but with the latter half of August being a work free vacation in Maine, I need to finish some things up and that meant logging some time in the studio this weekend. Fortunately, Ryan's a big cheerleader for WC and was more than happy to take over and hang out with Liv while I worked. 

We did manage to squeeze in a fun date night on Friday and some delicious meals this weekend (food is clearly our weekend priority), as well as a few swims in the pool with the nugget!

I didn't document much, since I was here.....

but here's what I've got!

Liv and I snuck out early Saturday morning to get her some new pjs (we got these and these) from Gap (had to take advantage of the sale!) and I found the perfect, yes I said perfect, striped shirt for me. Trust me on this. The rounded hem is super flattering and the stripe is thin enough that it doesn't widen my midsection.

I worked during her nap and then Ryan took us to the tastiest new (to us) burger place (eT Burgers)for a turkey burger basket with pesto fries. Holy yum.

More work, blah, blah, took the kiddo for a bike ride (which meant I walked with her and Ryan dragged the bike).

Crepes and coffee on Sunday morning, more work, and then a swim to cap it all off.

Nothing too crazy, as usual, but a weekend well spent to gear us up for the week ahead! Hope you had a great one!

My Favorite Summer Buys

Since August is well on its way and everyone is talking Fall (not me, not yet!), I thought I'd talk a little bit about some of my favorite purchases from this Summer! I'm definitely not ready to pull the trigger on sweaters or boots since it will be in the 80s here well into October so these Summer faves will be getting some love for a little while longer.

Spending lots of time in the pool is an inevitability lately so I knew I wanted a swimsuit I would be comfortable in and not dread having to put on. I swear the La Blanca swimsuits suck you in and hold your girls in place better than anything else (since you know, I'm so well endowed). If you're not ready to pay full price, keep your eyes peeled at TJ Maxx, they're constantly stocking them.

I bought the pink version of this bag (which is sadly sold out) but the cognac version is still in stock and I highly recommend this one! It's priced just right, wipes down easily (important for moms and messy people everywhere), and holds anything you'd need it to. I use it around town, on planes, and at the pool. You can 't go wrong with this one.

While I had originally hoped to snag these in the blush color, I ended up taking home the white and I'm so glad I did! They go with everything (especially white pants which are a summer staple!) and were perfect for the pool since they're waterproof. (Romper is old and from Madewell but love it)

I bought this after reading rave reviews on Makeup Alley and those ladies didn't lie. This stuff is the bomb. It gives you shimmer and somehow, a tan?! I have people constantly ask me what highlighter I'm using and I can't tell them fast enough. 

So I'm a Kate Middleton style lover (she always looks so. darn. good.) and after seeing her wear these for years, I knew I had to have them for my closet. I got them during an after Christmas sale and then waited months to wear them and wear them I have. They've been my go to "fancy" shoe for Summer, attending weddings and bridal showers, date nights and girls nights out. The woven heel gives them a real Summer feel and they're as comfortable a heel as I've owned. Oh, and the neutral color? Perfect. Good call, Kate. I mean, Catherine.

I wear these to bed, with pants, shorts, you name it. They're supremely comfortable and breathable in this Texas heat and they color options are endless. I think the long sleeve versions will be go-tos for Fall. 

7. Shift Dress

A shift dress is a no-brainer for me in the Summer. This morning when Olivia wiped out, chipped a tooth, and split open her lip I was in pjs. The dentist told me to get there in a half an hour if I wanted an appointment that day, so I grabbed a shift dress, slid into my Tory Burch flip flops and walked out the door. That's why I love shift dresses. I own about a dozen. This one up there is from Tar-jay.

Speaking of being pale...which we weren't, but I am. I love a good fake tan and while I'm not up for a spray tan every week, I've found the perfect at home alternative. The Rodan and Fields self tanner can be hard to get your hands on, but for good reason. It's the perfect not-orange color, applies with a colorless foam, and smells way better than anything else I've tried. Fortunately, my girl Brittany lets me know the second its back in stock and even places the order for me so I just get a fun little delivery every six weeks or so!  Having a little color really helps the bathing suit situation, don't you think?

Looking through this post, I think two things: 

1. I'll totally use all of these things next Summer
2. I take a lot of selfies for a 27 year old woman. Work on that. 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Meanwhile in Momville...

Yesterday I finally got the call I'd been waiting for for days, the call confirming Olivia's spot in her Mother's Day Out class. I nearly wept with relief. Drama much? 

Theatrics aside, I hadn't had any communication from the school yet this Summer, so I was a little nervous they lost our application or that perhaps one of the teachers was a blog reader and struck Liv's name from the list because she thinks her mother is a nut job. Fortunately, neither of those happened and she'll be ready to rock and roll when we get home from Maine. 

In the meantime, we've been hanging out in the 'burbs like the basics we are and she's just about killing me with her little personality. We were FaceTiming with Steph and G yesterday and when she said hi to Gray she said "oh hi, baby! he's soooo cute!". Then Steph and I proceeded to squeal and ooh and ah over it for several minutes, obviously.

So we've been painting (all. the. time.), matching whenever she'll permit it (instances when she isn't wearing full princess regalia are far and few between), and finding creative ways to spend our afternoons.

We celebrated Ryan's birthday yesterday and he requested an ice cream cake. So we picked one up at the grocery store and killed many minutes (five whoppers) decorating it.

And can I confess something?

My child doesn't love to read books. With us anyway. She has the hardest time sitting still lately and just can't be bothered. Unless it's Gigi reading. She requests a book nightly (usually Chicka Chicka Boom Boom) via FaceTime and is just rapt with attention. It's the funniest thing and she'll "read" my mom pages from memory. 

Oh, and that's a cocoon from the Very Hungry Caterpillar in that photo. Not a giant poo. Seriously, people. 

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