Working at Home

Disclaimer: A few days ago I posted a rose tinted version of a day in the life at Willow Crowns. It was beautifully photographed and both my child and I were properly groomed. This is nothing like that.

The funny thing about running a business from your home is that even during slower times (ahem, Summer), things are never slow. Peaceful? Quiet? Words I don't currently have in my vernacular. 

For example:

Today, Steph and I had a meeting. Actually two. Not like the meetings we used to have when Tate was a sleepy newborn and Liv was in Mother's Day Out. You know, when we'd sit down with our pads and pens, desktop calendars at the ready, creative juices simmering. Both of us probably had on mascara, maybe even an accessory or two.

Today's first meeting was a FaceTime call, yes. However neither of us were wearing a bra (and I almost accidentally flashed Steph thanks to a sloppy robe shoulder), both still in pjs, and about ten minutes in I heard a dripping in the kitchen.

completely unfiltered for your viewing pleasure

Hang up and handle the clogged disposal that shares a line with my running dishwasher? No, we don't have time for that. Instead I put down the phone and proceeded to holler ideas her way while I worked my way through three rolls of paper towels.

Our second meeting today went a little something like this.

Phone rings

Me: This whole Fall line looks like shit and there isn't enough to it.

Steph: Yep.


And the panic ensued.

We apparently do our best work in moments of pure desperation because within an hour we were thrilled (and possibly bipolar upon reflection) at what we were working with.


Now it's after 10 and I'm ordering supplies/blogging next to a toddler clutching a string cheese because she napped until after 5 and is about as far from tired as I am from tan.

Tomorrow's work calls will probably look very similar. Gray will try to roll off the bed while we narrow down color choices, Liv with strip naked and climb in the tub (again) while we discuss pricing, and we'll have to hang up on each other and call back a half a dozen times so we can keep our children from the injuries they seem so intent to self inflict.

All in a day's work, right?

second disclaimer: I promise our children are safe and well cared for, despite having nut jobs for mothers.


  1. Working from home with toddlers sounds like fun ;).

  2. Oh my gosh you guys are crazy, you're Fall line will be perfect :) Its a struggling working from home with a 5 month old.. I can only imagine once he is a toddler, it stresses me out already!

  3. ha! Well at first I thought Olivia did this so...silver lining? I am hoping to see some maroons and mustards in your fall line :)

  4. Oh gosh! What a hectic day! I'm sure your fall line is amazing. Willow Crowns has always how beautiful pieces!

  5. lol i love the disclaimers! xo jillian - cornflake dreams


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