Weekend Wrap Up

Hey, Ladies!

I arrived back from Maine this afternoon and am settled back in with my people, ready to start another week. I'm eating my nightly cup of cereal and making my grocery list for tomorrow while Liv camps out next to me, drinking milk out of a stemless acrylic wine glass. Her new cup of choice. Fancy, much?

I'm also a teeny bit looped out from the children's Benadryl I took after a few minutes by the pool proved that I am, in fact, allergic to Texas mosquito bites. So please bear with my spelling errors and run on sentences....and pretend like my writing isn't always this bad. 

I went back to Maine for a whopping 40 hours for a wedding and quick wedding pow wow with my sister. I'm pretty wiped, but didn't hate traveling solo, but I'll spare you those details. For now. I'm going to milk that for a whole darn post. Lucky you!

It was downright chilly in Maine, with a high of something like 61 so I was a tad bit out of my element but it was definitely a refreshing change from the humid Houston heat. I keep a bunch of sweaters in the closet at my parents house for this very reason and it always pays off.

My sister did my hair (which I loved), we hightailed it over to the wedding, and I hopped on an 8 am flight this morning to be home in time for happy hour.

Ryan and O had a blast together and ran each other ragged, but I'm really glad they had some special time together, just the two of them.

I hope you all had a great weekend and I'll see you again in the next day or so...I just can't stay away!


  1. It looks like it was a truly amazing weekend! I couldn't imagine traveling without the kiddo, but I bet it was nice! Lol

  2. 61 degrees is definitely chilly! We have been enjoying Texas-like temperatures here in Southern Ontario. I am not ready for fall yet!


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