Weekend Wrap Up

Sunday night just the way I like it. No, love it.

Babe in bed, dishwasher and dryer humming away, reruns of The Mindy Project on demand, and a decaf latte (and hubby's feet) chilling on the couch with me.

This weekend blew by me so I feel like I'm sitting down and relaxing for the first time in days, but I got a house project crossed off my lengthy to do list, so no complaints here!

We swam, we painted, assembled a thousand tiny pieces from IKEA (I never want to see an Allen wrench again), had movie night, swam, breakfasted (shockingly no attempt at autocorrect on that non-word) and tackled the great beige laundry room (photos soon!)

Hope your weekend were everything you wanted it to be! I'll be back in the next day or so with photos and details on my sister's bridal shower!


  1. Hurray painting! I have one section left after repainting almost my whole house. This might just be the inspiration I need!

  2. We did some IKEA assembly this weekend too! We put noah to work this time ;)

  3. I am hoping to paint and redecorate my laundry room soon as well, so can't wait to see pics of yours!

  4. I love your shirt in the last pic! So long--- where is it from?

  5. I so love Olivia's playroom. Especially those baby gates - reminds me I need those. Excuse me needed those like 3 months ago!


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