Weekend Wrap Up

That sound you hear? 

It's not the sound of me chowing down on a bowl of cereal at 8 PM, although that's certainly happening. It's a great big sigh of relief. 

Relief that the shower and bachelorette party turned out lovely, that nobody choked anyone else in a moment of pre shower stress, and that the bride was thrilled...which is what really matters.

Shower organizing + late night bachelorette parties intended for younger, cooler people + a toddler with serious FOMO who can't seem to fall asleep before 11 or wake after 6 = wiped.

But it's all good.

We've got one more full day in Maine before we begin the trek to Texas, where we will happily be reunited with Ryan and Diet Dr. Pepper. Only to turn right around and do it again in a month, which sort of makes me feel like a glam globe trotting fashionista for a minute. Only in reality I'm a sort of wrinkled, glorified pack mule with a toddler on my hip, dragging my basic butt from Texas to Maine. Details, though.

Enough talking, let's see the photos. 

Friday was loads of prep, picking up flowers, last minute supplies, decorating as much as we could in advance, and trying to coordinate hotel rooms, bridesmaids, and relatives. I may have also squeezed in a cuddle with my new little 10 week old cousin. Her thighs are downright scrumptious.

I'll share photos of the shower and all the wonderful people who played a part in putting it together in a post next week but couldn't leave out a couple of my favorite details. We recruited Emily's wedding photographer (and one of my favorite Mainers) to snap the shower pics and it was the best decision I made in regard to the shower. I didn't worry about photos for a second, and was able to focus my energy on Emily and the happy chaos.

Post shower we hit the pool. which means I hit the chaise lounge (amazing Target dress/cover up is in stores only) and I definitely stole this selfie from Instagram. The things you have time to indulge in when other people are watching your child....like vanity.

Then we hit the bachelorette. We had a lingerie party in a private room of a new restaurant downtown and it was a blast. My feet hurt, my throat was sore, and I felt really really mom uncool, but it was the best time.

My gorgy sister wore a custom Willow Crowns headpiece and I just loved every. single. thing. about her look that night. She got some absolutely gorgeous lingerie and we happily sent her on her way this morning with a car full of shower presents, and hopefully enough happy memories to fuel her through the next 6 weeks of wedding planning, which we all know are no joke. 

Sunday Liv rose the entire house by shouting her new favorite words "HEWWO??? WHERE ARE YOU??!!".  One thousand times. We marked her height on the wall, and hit the lake for a day of relaxation and recuperation with my parents and grandparents.

Now that our week in Maine is wrapping up, I'm obviously a little blue, like every time we leave. Knowing we'll be back soon is definitely comforting, but the realities of living far from home are sitting a little heavy tonight. If they could all just move to Texas, that would be great. Then we could listen to Liv call my Papa Barry "Papa Baby" all the time. 


  1. Noah's cousins just came for a visit and left today and I'm a little sad too. Even though I live close to my parents, I often wish my brothers (and Noah's cousins) lived closer! Also, I love that custom headpiece!!!

  2. Looks like the perfect visit! You definitely partied it up wedding-style! Wishing you safe and tantrum-free travels back to Texas :)

  3. Life after kiddos. It's so different - in a good way, but definitely different. I don't remember the last time I got to sleep past 6:55 am, for example. I have a little sister as well, who just got married last month, and I never feel more like a mom than when I am with her child-free self! I would never trade my life now with my sweet kiddos for anything, but sometimes I do miss the "before children" freedom that I took for granted. Looks like you guys had a great time! Loving the custom headpiece - I won't be surprised if you start getting lots of requests for that:) Safe travels back home!

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful visit!! And your dresses (and coverup for that matter) are perfection! Safe travels back to Texas, I hope it goes smoothly for you!

  5. aw im glad you had a good time! love love your sisters headband! good job :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. fabulous pictures! that headband for your sister is gorgeous!


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