The Grandma Detox

Or in our house, the Gigi Detox.

instagrammed a little something about what my friend Becky likes to call the "Grandma Detox" and you all gave me the solidarity I know I can always count on.

What's the detox involve you ask?

1. Crying
2. Crying
3. Throwing Things (I'm not sure if that's her or me)
4. Time Outs
5. Naps at random times because, sleep deprived
6. Coffee
7. Wine

Any questions?

Going from several full time caretakers to one, lowly mom is a tough break for this kiddo and she's downright indignant at the change in pace now that we're back in Texas, aka the land of no fun.

So, we're soldiering on with painting, the splash pad, and the library to pass the time until we get back to Maine in August and Liv can be reunited with her favorite adult. I did get a kiss smack dab on my belly button today though, so I think I'm coming back into favor. Either that or she thinks that residual lobster roll bloat is a baby. Sorry, kid.

Bottom line? I miss my mom like crazy and so does the nugget. We miss how she makes a grilled cheese (no one does it better), how she's always got coffee in the house, her funny expressions ("christmas balls" when she drops something), and just everything else. I guess we're both detoxing, but only one of us cried when the grilled cheese got made incorrectly today. And that was me. 


  1. Good thing you can go back so soon! Grandmas are seriously the best but I'm sure your grilled cheese wasn't as bad as you think!

  2. Awww hon, I know how you feel! I live 6000 miles from my family but lots of FaceTiming helps! I always look at it as "you're that much sooner to the next visit" when you have to leave. And just think, you'll be right back and then I'm sure they will be right behind you back to Texas! (We got to get your family to move to Texas!!)

  3. Grandma detox is the worst! I feel the same way that there are certain foods that my mom just makes better. I've stopped trying to even make them. Good thing you'll be heading back soon!

  4. I am starting a new job in August and will have a week off between jobs and am debating taking the mini to Florida for a week to see my parents. This only makes me miss my mom more and want to go. I think you're helping me make my decision with this post!

  5. I could have written this post myself! I just got back from 3 weeks with family, & I'm having serious withdrawals!


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