Small Business Series: Behind the Scenes

About a year after I started Willow Crowns (which I can't believe is going to be two soon!!), it became obvious I was going to need a real studio. I'm sure my husband loved eating dinner around my various projects on the kitchen table, but little pieces of hot glue and scraps of lace in your pasta just isn't a good scene. Fortunately I was able to convert our unused game room upstairs into my loft studio. Sounds so much better than "game room" right?

Over the past year, I've been spending more and more (and more) time in there, tending to the needs of a growing business. Now you know I'm nosey by nature and love me some behind the scenes action, so today I'm sharing some photos that our photographer friend Ashley snapped a few days before we went to Maine as well as dishing some details about how I run the business.

With Olivia's naps far and few between, and Mother's Day Out on break for the Summer, I've got my little buddy in the studio with me pretty often. She has her own little desk where she colors, does puzzles, or watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse when I'm really desperate. I don't get nearly as much work done during the day as I'd like, but I hustle after she goes to bed and I really enjoy the time we have hanging out in the studio.

My studio is made up mostly of Ikea furniture since it can take a beating and I don't feel the need to be too careful with the hot glue gun while working. Four long tables, a great big bookshelf, and a clothes rack for fabric are my furniture staples and I'm finally figuring out a configuration that works for me. I have a production area where I make all our inventory and a fulfillment area where I print shipping labels, reply to e-mails, and make last minute changes to the website that make Stephanie want to kill me. 

Every piece is made by me, though that will change this Summer. I'm going to be hiring some help with production, a step I'm really excited to be taking!

Keeping Olivia out of the lace is like trying to keep her out of the marshmallows...a constant struggle. She's recently developed a real love for all headbands and refers to them as "trowns". That's crowns in case you're wondering.

WC has been a ready to ship shop for a few months now and we only list on the website what we physically have ready to ship. I'll be picking up another one of these shelves for inventory as soon as we get back to Texas, because we've maxed this one out. Every Monday night I take an inventory, see what items/sizes need filling in and on Tuesday morning, start making those products. I send the updated inventory sheet to Stephanie, she updates the site, and then we spread the news via Instagram

Staying ready to ship is a lot of work, but completely worth it. It helps us keep our average turnaround time for shipping to 2 business days and makes the fulfillment process a breeze. With a little one at home, I'm always trying find ways to streamline and with the RTS set up, we can fill almost 100 orders a day if we need to (and on launch days and Black Friday, we do). 

I've got loads more photos (and love them all!) but I figure I've spammed you enough for one day. Don't worry though, I'll be back.


  1. Your set up (and cute little assistant) seem to be working really well! Your products are so pretty and I love how driven you are with all of this. It definitely shows!

  2. I love your set up! It's so fun to see the behind the scenes, especially since I just ordered my first headbands from you!!!

  3. I love this! Your studio looks so nice and airy! This is definitely a goal as I am doing my office! I love how you have everything ready to ship too! It's amazing!

  4. Love your blouse! Where did you get it?

  5. I love your small business series!!! And it's so fun to see behind the scenes! Your set up is amazing and so well organized!

  6. Love your set up! These pictures are so fun! :)

  7. love your set-up! you are so organized and im sure that helps a LOT with the biz. xo jillian - cornflake dreams


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