Shorts Story

I don't like shorts.

I never liked them or had much reason to wear them growing up (Summers in Maine are mostly cool enough to get away with capris and dresses) but three Summers into Texas living and I'm throwing in the long pants. 104 degrees is too hot for pants and maxi dresses feel like snowsuits, so I've been stuffing this mom bod into shorts when all my sundresses are in the laundry.

You all know I like effortless outfits that manage not to scream "I just rolled out of bed and am wearing yesterday's foundation" and  I've found exactly three pairs of shorts that are helping me do that. I think they're flattering, easy to style, and in the spirit of spreading the thigh baring love, I'm going to spill the details here.

These are from Old Navy and I sized up to get a more relaxed fit. Apparently the boyfriend they styled these after weighs 100 pounds.

I also love these white shorts from Old Navy. Size up again. I don't have a photo of these since my terrible selfie game is slacking at the moment. 

Finally, these J Crew Factory shorts are great. These fit true to size, I'm all about the  5" inseam and I'm definitely going to get another color. I like to wear these with sandals or these Sebago boat shoes. 

Slouchy tees, chambray popovers, and simple tunics all get rotated with these bad boys and are helping me beat the heat while not flashing my rear when I bend, stoop, or squat to retrieve any of the 100 items that hit the floor of our house or grocery store every day.

My next step is to tan these legs if I'm going to be flashing them all Summer long, but more on that later!


  1. I am not really a shorts girl either, but these look great on you! It might just take the right pair for me to change my mind! xoxo

  2. Old Navy bf shorts are my jam. But seriously, totally had to size up to get that perfect relaxed fit. What skinny boy were they modeling those measurements from??

  3. I got some great distressed shorts from the Loft! I love them, they are not too short but also not too long!

  4. I don't like shorts at all either. Give me capris or a skirt and I'm good. But it is so very hot in Texas, I caved and got a pair of shorts when we lived there. The shorts you found are all so cute!

  5. I hate shorts! I am all about the sundresses for the summer. These are cute options though!

  6. i dont understand how ppl in charleston wear maxi dresses in the middle of summer...its WAY too hot for them. im alll about the shorts, it's easier to run around after the babe when i can bend over without fearing my skirt or dress will fly up! xo jillian - cornflake dreams


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