Our 4th of July Weekend

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend celebrating the fourth (and the first for my Canadian friends!) and that you won't be dragging too hard tomorrow morning!

I was telling Ryan this weekend that my very first memory is from when I was just a month older than Olivia and how I wondered if the fun things we did this weekend just might turn into her first memory...kind of neat to think about. 

We hogged Ryan and kept him all to ourselves on Friday since he didn't have to go to work and he treated us to crepes and lots of quality time. Saturday we hit the neighborhood parade/bounce house/total chaos scene and it was awesome. Liv waved to all the horses in the parade and turned her nose up at all the candy they threw her way. Not Nutella, not interested.

We swam, snuggled/napped, made the oh so cliche bomb pop in champagne (and let me just say it's cliche for a reason. It's freaking delicious), ate snow cones for dinner, and then ignored the fireworks because it was 9:30 and we're geriatric.

Today we relaxed, I got some WC work done to prep for our trip on Tuesday, and I made pancakes for dinner. Breakfast for dinner is one of my very favorite things (my dad used to make us omelets for dinner and I loved it). Don't get your hopes up and ask for a recipe here. I use pre made mix (Stonewall Kitchen does it best), like the true domestic underachiever I am. To borrow my husband's high school year book quote: "if it weren't acceptable, it wouldn't be called the minimum".  O will be so proud, no?

Anyway, said pancakes went entirely undocumented which tells you everything you need to know about the gusto with which they were consumed. First time I didn't burn one (ever!) and they were amazing.

Monday should be the typical pre-Maine mad dash to make sure we have enough snacks purchased, videos downloaded, and just enough clean underwear to make it through the trip. I wish Ryan could come with us, but he's secretly cackling that I have to fly solo with our toddler who told me yesterday that the plane was taking her to Gigi's house in Maine. On the moon. Geography lesson, party of one. 


  1. I love how you can make a normal 4th of July weekend sound so much funnier. With the Nutella and geriatric lines, you're killing me! Good luck with your trip tomorrow. Maybe you can buy Olivia a map while you're away ;).

  2. Looks like a fantastic weekend! And why haven't I heard about the popsicle in the champagne? Clearly I am missing out!

  3. looks wonderful. i want one of those pop bombs! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. Ummm...champagne and firecracker popsicles....Genius!!

  5. "Not nutella, not interested" YES! Popsicles in champagne is probably the best thing I've seen, all week.
    Looks like an awesome weekend. Also Avery had on the same dress as Olivia.
    Safe (&peaceful) travels thoughts being sent your way, the moon is awfully far away, after all ;)


  6. Hurray thanks for the Canadian shoutout! I got to celebrate both in their respective countries and it was so great! Looks like you had a lovely holiday and wishing you a safe and tantrum free plane trip to Maine!


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