Hi From Maine!

Let me sum up our trip to Maine so far in three words:

1. Hoodies

2. Haircuts

3. Food Poisoning

Ok, so it's four. Whatever.

After an awesome travel day (O was a total rockstar on the flight), we made it back to Maine, where we happily crashed into our beds around 12:30 am on Wednesday morning. Around 1:30 I found myself laying on the bathroom floor and there I stayed until bedtime on Wednesday. Two bites of a rogue airport sandwich and I was out for the count.

Fortunately, my amazing mom had taken the day off and kept Liv happily entertained while I hugged the toilet. Mercifully, 24 hours was all I needed and I got up today ready to tackle my to do list for my sister's bridal shower!

The weather here, while sometimes annoyingly cold as a full time resident, is refreshingly cool and delightful as a visitor. The kind of weather where you can wear shorts with a hoodie and it's kind of fantastic.

I got my bi-annual cut and color today and don't you worry, I took the requisite, vain car selfie. Allison always nails the color and tries not to trim off more than my impossibly slow to grow hair can handle.

Tonight I stood on the back porch of my parents house kind of soaking it all in, wishing we could stay longer, but knowing I wouldn't appreciate it as much if we were here full time. Granted, I'll be back twice more this Summer, so don't cry for me Bangor, Maine. Whiners gonna whine, you know?

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, catch you on Monday!


  1. Sounds so wonderful! Well, minus the food poisoning bit. At least your hair looks great!

  2. Your hair looks fabulous, my dear! Glad you're feeling better. :)

  3. Love your hair... And a good car selfie! Too bad about the food poisoning!

  4. Oh no! I hate to hear that, but glad you are feeling better. On the flip side, your hair looks fab!

  5. yiiiikes! so glad you're feeling better. your hair looks gorgeous and im loving that hoodie. xo jillian - cornflake dreams


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