And We're Off

I've got the iPad, snacks, more sweets than I care to admit, what remains of my sanity, and anything I've forgotten can be purchased along the way.  I'm also pretty darn tickled to have packed my fancy shoes for a girls night out for my sister's lingerie themed bachelorette party this weekend. I might get downright wild and stay out past 10. Watch out.

I'm also especially happy about this suitcase I scored at TJ Maxx. It makes me feel all glam, like I won't have a stain of some variety down the front of my shirt for 75% of the trip. Fake it 'til you make it, maybe?

We've got a four hour flight to Boston, a four hour drive to Bangor, and we should fall into our beds around midnight. Fortunately Wednesday is a plan free day and the nugget and I are free to just lounge around and maybe meet my grandmas for lunch if we're feeling really ambitious.

Truth be told, O won't want to leave her room at my parent's house. They painted clouds on the ceiling and recently bought her a pink big girl bed, guys. They are the most thoughtful Gigi and Papa around and don't we know it. I kind of get all giddy thinking about the future when my sister has kids and Liv can snuggle in the nursery with her cousins, but I should probably  just let my sister get married before I start imagining her nonexistent children.

Instead, I think I'll just focus on getting my hands on a lobster roll as soon as humanly possible. Priorities.

Oh and in case you were wondering (no body was) if our travel day would deter me from Instagramming and spamming you like usual, the answer is nope! You can catch our travel day adventures over at @willowcrowns !

See you on the East Coast!


  1. Safe travels! I love your suitcase!!!

  2. Ah have fun!! Such a long travel day, good luck!

  3. Have a wonderful trip and that suitcase is amazing!! Isn't tjmaxx just the best?!

  4. Have a safe trip & so much fun!!

  5. Have a safe flight and enjoy your family time! Your luggage is so gorgeous. Please let us know how it holds up to rough airport luggage thrower guys.


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