Weekend Wrap Up

Hey, friends! I'm hoping your weekend left you feeling ready for another week and if not, that's why coffee comes in size large! I have my standard roll of iPhone photos documenting our coffee runs, breakfast dates, and pool time but thought maybe I'd spare you for one week. Don't get used to it though.

This weekend I was thinking about how next month will be two years since we moved to Texas and how crazy it is that it's gone by so quickly. When Ryan first told me this job was the one he wanted to take he asked me to give it two years and said that if I hated it after that time period, he'd look for something new. We really had no clue what we were in for, but just took the leap and moved our whole life and 7 month old baby 2,000 miles away from everything we knew. It was awful.

The first year, I barely remember anything positive. I remember crying a lot, calling my mom, trying to support him as best I could, and trying my best to keep it together in front of O. I remember not seeing Ryan at all, struggling to meet new people (something I've always been super anxious about), and starting Willow Crowns in an effort to do something I enjoyed. 

After the first year, it got better. I made some friends and WC was off and running but Ryan's schedule was more insane than ever, including month long trips out of town and days when he'd leave so early and come back so late that he didn't see O for days at a time. At this point I felt like my respect for military spouses tripled. No clue how they do it. It's so so hard.

Then this weekend, we looked at each other and said that we felt like we'd turned the corner. After a couple years of paying his dues, he has a new position with hours that make family dinners a reality instead of a some urban legend. I spent the whole darn weekend kind of soaking it in. Seeing him relaxed and happy, able to spend time with the kiddo and enjoying the fact that life is so completely boring these days...in the very best way. 

I have a bunch of Instagram photos from when we first moved printed out and taped on a wall in our kitchen and Ryan stood there on Saturday morning and said "remember how miserable we were?". It was weird, to look at these bright photos (mostly of Liv's happy face) and to remember so much stress and anxiety. Looking back, I really wallowed in how unhappy we were instead of focusing on the fact that his sacrifices were allowing me to stay home with our baby, or paving the way for him to make more career choices. That was my mistake and hopefully one I won't make again the next time life gets a little bumpy, as it tends to. 

So long story short? Our two years are up and we're going to stay. We actually love it here and feel like this is the right place for our family to be right now. I'm certain my weekends won't always be so reflective, but this one was good for me. I'll do my best to bring back the sarcasm, vanity, and parenting adventures later this week. Riveting potential topics? 

- My child insists on sleeping on the floor...and we're just letting her. 
- Long hair for moms. Good or bad? 
- Upcoming flights with a potty training toddler. What's in my pull-up padded arsenal.

See? The fun just doesn't stop around here.


  1. Congrats on your decision to stay! Things are looking up :)

  2. I'm so glad you're loving it there now. Its nice to read things like this! I love the real life posts but photo dumps are always welcome too :)

  3. Glad to read this positive post and that you're loving it there now. :) I just posted about our potty training essentials! Good luck! And I highly recommend the Oxo Tot 2-in-1 travel potty!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv


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