Top 10 Favorite Apps

My mom told me the other day that she read a study saying people on average check their phonse a hundred times a day. I was initially surprised and then thought, "yeah, that seems about right".

I'm a big, big phone checker and love me some apps (especially Instagram). I leave my phone in the car for date night and keep it firmly stowed in my purse or in Liv's hands while driving, but beyond that, I'm on the phone a lot. I do tons of stuff for WC on my iPhone (excuses, excuses) and have to text Stephanie about every three minutes to make sure this renovation hasn't killed her. I suspect I'm not alone in the phone addiction though, so let's talk apps!

1. Instagram. 

If you didn't see this coming, you must be new here.

2. VSCOcam

My favorite for editing. My go to filter is F2 and I almost always brighten and bump the contrast.

3. Amazon Instant Video

Gotta have my Mindy Project.

4. Fitbit

I've lost 5 of the 8 lbs I packed on so far and this is keeping me on track and out of the waffle fries. I miss them so much, guys.

5. Target Cartwheel

Always, always a coupon for wipes or paper towels or whatever. Get this one.

6. PayPal

aka my secret Starbucks fund. I load the card on my phone directly from PayPal, pay Steph each week, and keep up to date on WC stuff.

7. Etsy

I may not sell on Etsy anymore, but I shop on it often and the app is super user friendly.

8. Starbucks

You know.

9. Timehop

I freaking love Timehop. It's my daily opportunity to weep over how much O has grown.

10. ArtKive

This app lets you take photos and digitally archive kiddo artwork. Smart, right? I snap a photo and then toss it in the trash like the mean old mommy I am.

What are your go-to's?


  1. I just discovered the Waze app and I am loving it! It tells you where there is traffic, construction, an accident, a pothole, etc on the road. And an oldie but a goodie, Shazam.

  2. I will have to check out the VSCOcam! I really love my Headspace app at the moment. It's one that helps you meditate and there's also one to help you sleep at night which I love x

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  3. I love reading books on the kindle app. Never have to worry about forgetting a book at home. I also still love to play words with friends. And I use "capture" to put simple videos together from swim or music class. It then uploads straight to YouTube :)

  4. OMG ArtKive sounds brilliant!! Hahah I am the same with throwing out art (when she's not looking) maybe when it's more than marker scribbles I'll keep it... All of these apps I use also :) Besides the Target one... because, Canadian :(

  5. hahaha I love that you snap a photo of her artwork and then toss it. Too funny! I agree Cartwheel is amazing! My fav app is Afterlight for all things editing oh and Nordstrom...because duh :)

  6. I love Free Prints (you get 45 free photo's per month mailed to you off your phone). Which is so handy as I never DO anything with all the digital photo's I obtain. Also "Perfect Pic", which turns any video into several photo's. Perfect for the lil ones that never sit still long enough! X

  7. ArtKive is genius! Thanks so much for sharing. I have a lot of Anabelle's artwork stored in a folder, but I don't keep everything, or else I'd be a box lady. The Cartwheel app and I are besties. For life.

  8. Do you wear a FitBit? I keep wondering if it is worth the money!


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