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I know I've been talking about the pool a ton lately, but I'll spare you another photo of my toes in the water. I've adequately documented that on Instagram (@willowcrowns). 

The truth is though, that during Summer in Texas, if you're not in the water you're not outside. It's just too hot, at least for us native Northerners and our thick blood. I've actually really grown to love the heat, but it makes my little blonde babe wilt fast, so lots of pool time it is.

As I was contemplating our pool plans yesterday, I grabbed a few of our favorite products and snapped a quick photo. By "snapped a quick photo" I of course mean that I cleared a plain white space near a window to get the perfect flat lay photo. Same thing, right?

These are all things we take outside with us each pool trip and I really, really love. Sunscreen is a no brainer, and I really like everything the Honest brand has, and this is no exception. Some people say it's a little greasy, but I don't mind and I like that the grease factor helps a small amount spread far. Another skin care product that's been essential for our high maintenance crew has been bug spray. With all the rain that's driven the mosquitos out in droves, we're slathering this stuff on our pasty selves like crazy. I don't feel great about putting deet on the nugget, so I like this more natural alternative. It gets solid reviews on Amazon and the pump spray keeps her from inhaling anything gross like an aerosol would.

Sunglasses (or "gasses" in toddler land) are just another accessory in her arsenal that she loves, so she's pretty good about keeping them on and it doesn't matter where they come from or what brand they are. We do have (and like!) some Babiators but I'm not too hung up on them, anything to protect tiny eyes will do! 

For snacks, we love love love our Zoku popsicle maker. I like to make extra large smoothies in the morning and pour the leftovers in the molds so they're ready to go by late afternoon. The Vita Coco pink lemonade coconut water is a great way to hydrate her and keep her from stealing sips of my seltzer without adding lots of extra sugar and junk into her busy little body.

Once we convince her to come out of the water, I spray in the Honest Detangler and let it work its magic. It makes it so so much easier to comb through her hair. I comb through, give her a soak and shampoo in the tub, and then use it again.  

We obviously have a ton of other stuff that accompanies us outside, like towels, cover ups, and the kitchen sink, but these are really the essentials, or as Liv would tell you "my shtuff!",


  1. Ooh I love the idea of pouring extra smoothies into the Popsicle mold!

  2. We have the same bug spray and I love that it smells better than traditional DEET filled bug spray!

  3. I'll have to pick up some of that detangler for O!! Lately, her hair has been getting really tangled after bath-time so she usually takes off running when she sees me with the hair brush ha


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