New Routine

I'm a creature of habit and generally give change of any sort the side eye, but I'll make a few exceptions here and there. Especially when it involves Ryan's new work schedule that gets him home in time for dinner every night. High five emojis all around! To say we're thrilled to have more time with him would be a huge understatement.

We have a new little evening routine I'm really enjoying and is helping us all get wiped out and ready to hit the hay! I've been taking Liv out back each afternoon that it's nice and we've been spending at least an hour or two by the pool, alternating between just splashing our toes in the shallow end, or full on jumping in and getting our hair wet (we'll both have green hair by the end of the week). We snack, with her dipping carrots in an exorbitant amount of dip and then offering them to me, and then float on the giant lemon slice...or as she calls it, the cheese. By the time I'm ready to call it quits, Ryan's usually home and looking to dive in. They swim and throw towels in the pool (because that's a fun game mom won't play) and I get dinner started (by the way, I made this Greek Marinated Chicken recently that was amazing). I can almost always hear a little shriek and laugh through the window when Ryan starts splashing her and she says "no, Dada! I'm mama's baby!". 

I forgot how exhausting an afternoon by the pool made me as a kid and by the time we put the nugget to bed, I'm wiped. She seems to have a little more stamina than we do, but she's still pretty exhausted by the time that last credit of Daniel Tiger scrolls across the iPad before bed.

What are some of your fun Summer routines? I'm always looking for fun ways to kill some time and keep the kiddo on the run!


  1. So exciting about Ryan being home earlier! I bet you can just feel the sanity slowly coming back into your life! When we were little we had a sandbox and my mom would bury like a dozen plastic eggs from Easter in there during the summer and we would spend so much time digging them out to find the prizes and not every egg had a prize - only two or three would. She reminded my sister and me of this a couple weeks ago as it killed so much time and my older sister confirmed the other day that my nephew spent a solid 45 minutes digging in the sandbox over the weekend. Good luck!

  2. I'd be up for change too if that was my new norm! My husband works late normally too, and the super random time he's home before 6 is amazing! Swimming definitely tires noah out too. That's the perfect evening activity to ensure an easy bedtime!

  3. These are such fun memories that you guys are making as a family! And the chicken recipe looks so good! I may have to try it.

  4. Love this time of year! We did water balloons the other night & Peyton went crazy for them!


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