Go To Summer Hair

I sure do love me some braids and while I'm certainly not a hair blogger, beauty blogger, or even a consistent blogger, I really like to show you all what I'm doing with my hair!

I've contemplated cutting my hair, thinking that maybe long hair isn't the most practical for someone with a little one, but just can't bring myself to do it. My hair takes forever to grow and I've been growing it out since my Sophomore year of college when I chopped it into a chin length bob and donated it. 

When the Summer months roll around, I feel less and less inclined to spend time curling or styling my hair since the humidity, heat, and proximity to pools/splash pads make it kind of a waste. I don't dry my hair at all since it takes way too long, just wash it at night, sleep on it wet, and either throw it into some hot rollers or a braid of some sort and lately it's all about the braid. I've practiced braiding my hair a lot over the past couple of years and love the Pinterest tutorials for different kinds of braids and especially enjoy Twist Me Pretty for some braid inspiration.

Two of my most recent favorites are both crown braids that keep my hair completely off my neck for trips to the pool and take just a couple of minutes in the morning. The first, the fishtail crown is really just braiding your hair into two fishtail braids (The Beauty Department has a cool little trick to help you nail this type of braid) and pinning them across the top of your head. 

This holds up really well (the photo above is after 3 hours at the park/splash pad) and if you know how to French braid or Dutch braid, you won't have any trouble with this one.

Finally, for "workouts" (walks to get coffee, the occasional Pilates class) I really love two Dutch braids. Dutch braids are just inside out French braids where you pass the strand you're gathering underneath instead of bringing it on top. I just gently give each section of the braid a little pull to loosen it and make it chunkier.

I keep a ton of clear elastics and bobby pins handy in the top drawer of my vanity and swear by Elnett hairspray to hold it all in place without getting that crunchy 1980's look. 

My final reason for loving braids in the summer? It seriously cuts down on the amount of heat I use (curling iron, hot rollers, straighteners) and hopefully helps my hair stay healthier and grow a teeny tiny bit faster. I'm due for my bi-annual trim (all the hair stylists cringe) in July and know I'll get an earful on the condition of my split ends from my beloved stylist in Maine, but hopefully if I show up with coffee, it will lessen the blow.


  1. I have major hair braid envy of you! I feel so bad for P, when it comes to braiding I'm just there like huh?!

  2. I seriously wish I had to braid skills to do that to all this hair I've got going on. Love these looks!

  3. Braids are the best for summer and you're right -- online tutorials are a huge help! Any tips for doing toddler hair?

  4. Your hair is ridiculous...in a great way!! I'm in envy!

  5. I chopped about 10 inches off when my daughter was 3 months old because I thought it would be easier to deal with. Big mistake. While the cut was awesome (well, at least the first one was), my love of being able to pull my hair back during the warmer months was not happening with short hair and I spent 2 years growing it back out. I get the itch every once in awhile to cut it again but have to smack myself and give a reminder that I like pulling my hair back! :)


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