Around Here: By the Numbers

One of my favorite times of day (besides coffee time, morning kiddo kiss time, and lunch time) is around 9 PM, when I get to lay flat in my bed, prop my laptop on my chest with double chins galore and get to interneting. 

More often than not, I'm snuggled up next to a passed out little kidlet still wearing her tiara, tutu, or whatever princess paraphernalia she's retained from her busy day of being faux royalty and hubby will pop in from his office to check on us/give us a smooch while courteously keeping his Howard Stern podcasts confined to the man cave. I hate that junk. 

So it got me thinking about the number 9 and the other numbers that seem to pop up around here....

So let's start with 1.

1 sassy little number who keeps saying "wook at me, mama! I dance like Rella" and who told me today that the preferred food of cows is fruit snacks. Sure, ok.

3 pm when I finally made it to the Post Office today.

4 loads of laundry waiting to be folded and put away....they've been through the dryer quite a few times.

6 open mouth kisses (from Olivia, just in case I need to specify).

9 times today I started to order supplies and got distracted.

11 times I asked Liv to PUT ON SHOES so we wouldn't be late for our play date. p.s. we tried a new playground (Exploration Park) in the Katy area today. If you're local, you oughta go, it's awesome.

15 texts in a group text with my mom and sister. Her shower is only two weeks away and I can't wait!

17 trips up the stairs for my phone, Liv's pants, a brush, and Lawd knows what else.

1 million clear elastics, bobby pins, dried bits of play doh, and random crumbs that got vacuumed up today when I went a leetle bit crazy on a cleaning bender. There's nothing quite like visiting someone else's immaculate home to get your mind right about cleaning your own.


  1. Sigh. Seeing your clean home reminds me that I need to clean my own. Don't. Want. To. At. All. Ugh....

  2. Um yeah...the number of times I re-dry clothes before I finally put them away is slightly embarrassing.

  3. I am always running up and down the stairs because I'm always forgetting something!


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