Weekend Wrap Up

Oh Sunday night.

I sit down to blog about our weekend, iPhone photos in hand, the sound of the door handle rattling over the baby monitor as O tries desperately to break out of her room. Bed time is a struggle lately, with her ultimately falling asleep on the floor before one of us goes up to transfer her into her bed. Good times. Speaking of which, if you need a giggle, check out this Toddlers Are Dictators article. 

Anywho, I'm ready to delve into the depths of our suburban weekend adventures with you. Hold on to your mom jeans.


We did some shopping during a stroller nap on Friday (which happens so infrequently I had to document it to confirm that I wasn't hallucinating...and by infrequently I mean the stroller nap. I think we all know I'm an avid online shopper), spent a ridiculous amount of time in the pool, and celebrated Harper's 2nd birthday where Olivia made a spectacle so huge, I will probably never show my face to Veronika again. When I texted her my "I'm so sorry...." apology, she was gracious enough to pretend that O didn't act like a rabid animal. Thank you for that, by the way. Long story short, someone tried to take her cookie, they almost lost an eye because of it, and we went screaming all the way home. At top volume. Dogs were howling. Moving on.

Target hat | Illesteva sunglasses | cover up is TJ Maxx | Liv's J Crew Factory Suit (similar style) | Babiators

Rugs USA rug |  Amazon lemon float


You might remember that I committed to cooking more during the week and that's been going pretty well! I've mastered a fish dish, a couple crock pot recipes, and enough little side dishes to keep us all happily fed. The weekends are still our time to dine out though I've been trying to stay vigilant about ditching those pesky 7 lbs I packed on (since I lost a whopping one whole pound last week, but hey, small victories).

I'm loving tacos with no tortilla (these are shrimp and grilled chicken) and poblano sauce, grilled nuggets and a side salad with fat free honey mustard from Chik Fil A (paired with a very very large Diet Dr. Pepper, and yes I know, chemicals), and these awesome Enlightened mint chocolate ice cream bars that manage to pack 7 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber into 70 measly little calories.

When we spend our afternoons at the pool I bring out a veggie tray that gets wiped clean in minutes and am drinking so much water I feel like a little 7 lb babe is sitting on my bladder again (which there isn't, I've just packed on a few so don't get too excited).

I hope you all had a great (and delicious) weekend!

p.s. The Willow Crowns 4th of July capsule collection is launching at 10 am CST on Monday morning, which explains my 9:45 bedtime. Gotta rest up because there are bows to be made and toddlers to be wrangled. Check it out should you feel so inclined!


  1. Toddler meltdowns at birthday parties are the best. Not a full meltdown, but this weekend at Gymboree noah thought the balls belonged to him and pushed a kid when he tried to take one! I told him he had to share the balls or we could go home. He chose home! I guess he had enough after waking up at 5:45! At least you got a nice stroller nap and time at the pool :).

  2. Hi Megan, Thanks for the post and good luck with the launch today! Maybe in a future post you could share the recipes you discovered because I would love to try them. Thanks!

  3. Yum, did you make that taco dish? If not, where can I find that?

  4. Tacos with no tortilla sound like a great alternative! I love Olivia's swimsuit. Pool days are so fun :)

  5. So glad I could snag some WC goodness today! And love all the chemicals that are DDP!!

  6. I hear you on the toddler meltdowns... the threenager here had one so bad at his soccer class that we didn't even make it to the party afterwards. #mumlife


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