Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend flew by like a toddler free hour, but it was a good one!

When I wasn't prepping for the Willow Crowns Summer launch (10 AM CST Tuesday morning), we were eating, playing outside, working around the house, and celebrating Mother's Day a week early since our normal schedule is a little upside down next weekend.

Pics? Thought you'd never ask.

Not only is this cookie adorable (and delicious), I earned it big time. After a week of potty training and making literally hundreds of headbands, I inhaled this bad boy without a second thought.

My peeps took me brunching for my faux Mother's Day and fortunately our favorite crepe place happens to have some kick butt coffee. 

It's warm in Houston but not too hot yet (soon, any day soon) so we're outside almost constantly trying to take advantage. This little Radio Flyer tricycle is our favorite mode of transportation currently.

My shoes are from a local boutique, but these Melissa sandals from Nordstrom are nearly identical.

More riveting launch planning. Want to know how many attempts it takes Steph and I to agree on the three homepage images? About a thousand.

Ended our weekend with water table fun. When she was ready to go in, she fibbed and said she had to pee just to get me to take her in the house pronto. Master manipulator, party of one. Time to sharpen my maternal lie detector skills.

J Crew Factory Suit (similar style) | Old Navy Hat

Tomorrow I have a super quick and easy tutorial lined up for how I make my braids so chunky (the only time I ever want the word "chunky" associated with my name...although one more of those Starbucks cookies and its game over). 

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. yay for potty training! kudos mama for getting it done! I'd love to see a post on your experience and what worked/didn't work for you two

  2. Great pics! I'll be waiting for the chunky braid post... :)

  3. Brunch and water table fun... Perfect weekend!

  4. I hope the potty training went well! Can't wait for the tutorial tomorrow. I wonder if it's the same trick that I use!

  5. Looks like a nice weekend! Good luck for the launch Tuesday! So excited for the tutorial, I was only thinking last week that there must be something to getting your braids to look so full. I braid my hair and it makes it look like I have the equivalent amount of hair to a balding old man - it's not the look I'm going for! Lucy x


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