The Big Braid Tip

I love, love, love a good braid. I'd say my hair has a braid of some sort 4 days out of the week. They're ideal for second day hair, hiding my bangs that just refuse to grow out any faster, and they're a great way to mix up a boring hair routine. 

I've had lots of requests for tutorials and I'm definitely hoping to get around to doing one soon, but in the meantime I thought I'd answer a question I get a lot, which is "how do you get your braids so thick?". 

Honestly, I feel a little silly writing this post because it is literally the simplest hair trick out there, but ask and you shall receive.

I have a lot of hair so my braids aren't super wimpy to start with, but here's how one looks after really quickly braiding it.

Then all you do is start tugging on the strands (gently) to loosen the braid and make it bigger.

You can throw some smoothing pomade on there to calm down the frizz, but expect this to result in a looser, more boho looking braid. Again, so simple that I'm sure it illicits a "duh", but this little trick has totally changed my braid game. 

And speaking of hair (time for shameless self promotion)....Willow Crowns' Summer line is launching Tuesday at 10 AM CST and I'd love it if you'd check it out! 


  1. Great braid tutorial! I wear a braid daily, so I love this tutorial.

  2. This braid trick has also changed my life. It looks so much better on my thin thin hair !


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