Our Weekend - Tornado Warnings, Family Time, and More

A few weeks ago my mom and sister scheduled a kind of last minute trip to Houston since my dad would be gone fishing over Memorial Day weekend, and I couldn't have been happier to seem them pull into the driveway on Friday afternoon. We spend most of our holidays and long weekends solo, which has its great parts, but I miss spending holiday weekends with family!

We had the best time, one of our greatest visits ever. We didn't even do anything particularly thrilling (unless you count watching Olivia feed turtles, which is clearly riveting stuff), and just hung out, walked to the park, grocery shopped and made dinners, and laughed about the kind of stupid stuff only your immediate family members would find funny. I'm sure the teenage kid at the sandwich place didn't appreciate us busting out laughing when he said he "still needed payment for the pickle", but it couldn't be helped. 

Target patio furniture - chairs in store | table

We took lots of walks, made pizza, fed the turtles, went to the park, tried new iced coffee, had lots of piggy back rides, and Liv kept us in stitches. We even had a fun little tornado warning early Sunday morning that had us all ready to head into the pantry under the stairs. Olivia thought a little "camp out on the floor with the iPad party" was fantastic.

It rained off and on, but we had some really beautiful mornings and afternoons that let us take advantage of the pool for the first real time this year. It was a blast just camping out outside, setting up a table full of snacks, tossing Liv in the water or letting her float on the giant lemon slice (which she thinks is a giant slice of cheese). We also had some fun pool conversations:

Me: "Liv, what are you doing with that pool noodle?"
O: "Cweaning da pool"
Me: "Well you're doing an awesome job"
O: "I know."

Well then.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend with your families - I'm so glad that we had the chance to spend some time with ours and it was a really important reminder of how fortunate we are to have this wonderful life, due in no small part to the men and women who serve.


  1. I want your backyard. Seriously I want to move to texas so I can have a pool in my backyard, LOL. I'm glad you got to spend the long weekend with your family, it can be hard being away from family during the long weekends... I don't remember the last time we spent a holiday weekend with family. Happy Memorial Day :)

  2. Oh that's great they were able to come for the long weekend! The whole weekend sounds like fun... You even made the tornado warning sound entertaining! I'm also jealous of your pool!

  3. I love hearing toddler conversations! They really say the darnedest things!!


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