Back on Track

A year after the batteries in my scale died and I shoved that bad boy in the back of the closet, I weighed myself. For the first time in a year. The result? Up 8 lbs and a big explanation of why I'm not feeling so hot. So I'm back on track as of today.

My mom and sister are coming into town and it's a holiday weekend, but I've got to stop sneaking bites of raw cookie dough and trying to go chip for chip with my husband when we get Mexican. Even up 8 lbs, I'm still a good 20 lbs lighter than I have been before, but I don't want to get back to that place. 

When I was working as a Nutritionist, we used to tell our patients that "knowing doesn't equal doing". I'm singing that song more than ever these days. Knowing all I know, but still shoveling all the wrong things in my open maw.

So bye bye, waffle fries (for now, I'm sure we'll meet again when I can be trusted to consume you in moderation) and hello lots and lots of water. I didn't miss you, but you really help me out.

See ya, Hershey Kisses. Sure, you're only 25 calories a pop, but 10 of you in a row? That's a different story. Hello, lean proteins and lots of veggies. Personally, I think you can be really bland and boring but I'm determined to give you a makeover and make you delicious. 

If I'm being honest, it's not about swimsuit season (because I've found the perfect swimsuit no matter what), my sister's upcoming wedding, or even the number on the scale (that's just what I use to jolt myself back to reality), it's about feeling good. 

So RIP, nachos. I'll miss you for a while.


  1. Love this. "when I can be trusted to consume you in moderation" so much yes. It really is all about feeling good. My weight is higher now then it ever has been (other then being pregnant) but I am still small and honestly sort of like the extra pounds. I don't feel "too" small anymore. But I definitely know I'm not in the health place I'd like to be.
    But those nachos... I neeeed!

  2. I hear ya! I am at my highest weight my scale has ever seen, and I just feel awful. I just love good food too much, so sprucing up the veggies and lean protein is what I'm gonna have to do. Have a good weekend with your family in town!

  3. I'm with you on just feeling better. While it's nice seeing a lower number on the scale it really is just confirmation that I've been indulging too much. But my pants were already telling me that anyway. I'd love to see recipe ideas and what you eat!

  4. Get it mama!! You never know who's little eyes are watching you be strong, confident, and observe what you are nourishing your body with!! YOU CAN DO IT!

  5. Great post! Can you share more of your nutritional wisdom with us? I totally need guidance.

  6. Ugh. Preach it sista. I totally know what to do...just gotta DO it haha. My thing is the laziness of not wanting to work out....But to drink wine and Bravo reality shows instead during my spare time. : /


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