Weekend Wrap Up

Oh Sunday night.

I sit down to blog about our weekend, iPhone photos in hand, the sound of the door handle rattling over the baby monitor as O tries desperately to break out of her room. Bed time is a struggle lately, with her ultimately falling asleep on the floor before one of us goes up to transfer her into her bed. Good times. Speaking of which, if you need a giggle, check out this Toddlers Are Dictators article. 

Anywho, I'm ready to delve into the depths of our suburban weekend adventures with you. Hold on to your mom jeans.


We did some shopping during a stroller nap on Friday (which happens so infrequently I had to document it to confirm that I wasn't hallucinating...and by infrequently I mean the stroller nap. I think we all know I'm an avid online shopper), spent a ridiculous amount of time in the pool, and celebrated Harper's 2nd birthday where Olivia made a spectacle so huge, I will probably never show my face to Veronika again. When I texted her my "I'm so sorry...." apology, she was gracious enough to pretend that O didn't act like a rabid animal. Thank you for that, by the way. Long story short, someone tried to take her cookie, they almost lost an eye because of it, and we went screaming all the way home. At top volume. Dogs were howling. Moving on.

Target hat | Illesteva sunglasses | cover up is TJ Maxx | Liv's J Crew Factory Suit (similar style) | Babiators

Rugs USA rug |  Amazon lemon float


You might remember that I committed to cooking more during the week and that's been going pretty well! I've mastered a fish dish, a couple crock pot recipes, and enough little side dishes to keep us all happily fed. The weekends are still our time to dine out though I've been trying to stay vigilant about ditching those pesky 7 lbs I packed on (since I lost a whopping one whole pound last week, but hey, small victories).

I'm loving tacos with no tortilla (these are shrimp and grilled chicken) and poblano sauce, grilled nuggets and a side salad with fat free honey mustard from Chik Fil A (paired with a very very large Diet Dr. Pepper, and yes I know, chemicals), and these awesome Enlightened mint chocolate ice cream bars that manage to pack 7 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber into 70 measly little calories.

When we spend our afternoons at the pool I bring out a veggie tray that gets wiped clean in minutes and am drinking so much water I feel like a little 7 lb babe is sitting on my bladder again (which there isn't, I've just packed on a few so don't get too excited).

I hope you all had a great (and delicious) weekend!

p.s. The Willow Crowns 4th of July capsule collection is launching at 10 am CST on Monday morning, which explains my 9:45 bedtime. Gotta rest up because there are bows to be made and toddlers to be wrangled. Check it out should you feel so inclined!

On The Rack

We've officially hit Summer weather here in Texas, so the rack has been updated with some of my favorite breezy tops and dresses, all flattering and cover your hiney guaranteed.

These will all be mixed, matched, and rotated heavily over the next few weeks, so let me tell you all about them!

First up is pants. My favorite distressed denim from Target and white capris from Old Navy are my go-to's. Even when it's in the 90's, pants don't seem to bother me much if they're paired with a lightweight top and lots of AC (which we have plenty of down here). 

left to right: old navy tote | anthropologie tunic | target chambray | dress from local boutique | anthropologie dress (similar) | old navy dress | nordstrom rack dress | anthropology hat

The tunic I scooped up during Anthropologie's 20% off sale (along with the hat) is fantastic with white pants and is also a great swimsuit cover up. I really like lounging in that on the patio while I drink my coffee before the babe wakes up. 

The chambray shirt from Target is flat out, the softest shirt I've ever owned. It's amazingly soft (especially for chambray) and again, with white pants, it's an easy outfit to pull together. 

As for the dresses, the navy and white is from a local boutique and I really love how it can be dressed up with wedge heels or down with flat sandals. The Anthropologie dress is a Rifle Paper Co x Paper Crowns collab and it's heaven. It was a serious splurge (I try not to spend lots on clothes and more on purses, shoes, etc that will fit no matter my size) but I'm glad I pulled the trigger. I'll be wearing this to my sister's bridal shower in July as well as a wedding the weekend after. It's flattering, flawy, and floral. Three good f words. The exact version I have is sold out, so I linked a similar style in the same pattern!

The navy jersey dress from Old Navy is something you need to run out and buy. Now. It's a great quality, heavy jersey fabric and will flatter everyone. You can have a food baby or real baby bump going on under that thing and no one would know. The twirl factor (important in our house currently) is awesome and this is another one you can easily dress up or down with accessories. It comes in red and black too, so grab one of those coupon codes that's constantly floating around retailmenot.com and snag one. I just ordered the red.

The maxi is a Nordstrom rack find which ironically, really enhances my, ahem, girls. What I have anyway. Which is virtually nothing. Why my weight gain must all go to my stomach instead of my boobs is just a cruel injustice. You know I love a maxi dress for any day or occasion and I'll never have too many.

As for accessories, a great big blush tote also from Old Navy is matching just about every outfit these days as well as storing the unbelievable amount of junk I carry around. The Anthropologie hat works wonders on those extra humid days when my hair just rolls over and plays dead.

So should you run into me this weekend while I'm slurping iced coffee and chasing Olivia around (hopefully she's clothed this time), I can guarantee I'll be wearing at least one of these items. Hope you have an awesome weekend!

Toddler Times

Let me tell you about the time I (foolishly) let my toddler walk alongside the cart in Target when she spotted a training potty, pulled it off the shelf, dropped her undies and *almost* made a deposit before I grabbed her.

Or another Target trip when I (incomprehensibly) let her walk alongside the cart again and she spied the tackiest princess t-shirt in all the land, stripped her princess dress off, and ran two full aisles naked before I caught her. 

Recurring theme?

I'm an idiot.

The truth?

I laughed my ass off both times. 

It was just too funny not to, and so so typical of our life these days. I make rookie mom mistakes (over and over and over) and she takes advantage. I'm learning, just not quickly enough it seems sometimes.

What I have learned is that bribery is my friend. I have a drawer in my bedroom stuffed full of dollar aisle princess junk to reward potty training successes, uneventful trips to the grocery store, and moments of silence when she allows me to pee alone. 

I've also learned the value of distraction during a tantrum. Oh you're flipping out because we have that same cup at home and you want to put your mouth all over it and I said no? Here, want a snack? Problem solved (usually). 

I've learned that counting to ten really works. For adults anyway.

I'm slowly learning that my friends will not stop being our friends because my child has meltdown after meltdown in public (an actual fear of mine) and that the sound of another child's scream in a store is like music to my ears. It's a reminder that I'm not alone.

I've learned that finding their currency is critical. O's is currently her dress up (or "tutus" as she likes to call them). They're all she'll wear and one threat to take the tutus away usually snaps her into line and I keep a change of clothes in my bag so I'm prepared to follow through (and prepared for a potty training accident - two birds, one stone).I've also learned that trying to get her to wear anything else is futile, not a big deal, and I kinda dig the crazy cat lady look she's got going on.

I've learned that toddlers are like sour patch kids. Sour one moment and sweet the next, like an open mouth kiss on the lips after a kick in the neck. They'll pee on your stairs because you put them in time out and then say "Wub you, Mama. I bwush you hair". Or say "I haffa pee!" the second you mention nap time and give you the most devilish little shark tooth grin. It's pretty awesome and makes my head spin.

I only wish this kid knew how to relax.

And yes. I'm done letting her out of the cart.

Our Weekend - Tornado Warnings, Family Time, and More

A few weeks ago my mom and sister scheduled a kind of last minute trip to Houston since my dad would be gone fishing over Memorial Day weekend, and I couldn't have been happier to seem them pull into the driveway on Friday afternoon. We spend most of our holidays and long weekends solo, which has its great parts, but I miss spending holiday weekends with family!

We had the best time, one of our greatest visits ever. We didn't even do anything particularly thrilling (unless you count watching Olivia feed turtles, which is clearly riveting stuff), and just hung out, walked to the park, grocery shopped and made dinners, and laughed about the kind of stupid stuff only your immediate family members would find funny. I'm sure the teenage kid at the sandwich place didn't appreciate us busting out laughing when he said he "still needed payment for the pickle", but it couldn't be helped. 

Target patio furniture - chairs in store | table

We took lots of walks, made pizza, fed the turtles, went to the park, tried new iced coffee, had lots of piggy back rides, and Liv kept us in stitches. We even had a fun little tornado warning early Sunday morning that had us all ready to head into the pantry under the stairs. Olivia thought a little "camp out on the floor with the iPad party" was fantastic.

It rained off and on, but we had some really beautiful mornings and afternoons that let us take advantage of the pool for the first real time this year. It was a blast just camping out outside, setting up a table full of snacks, tossing Liv in the water or letting her float on the giant lemon slice (which she thinks is a giant slice of cheese). We also had some fun pool conversations:

Me: "Liv, what are you doing with that pool noodle?"
O: "Cweaning da pool"
Me: "Well you're doing an awesome job"
O: "I know."

Well then.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend with your families - I'm so glad that we had the chance to spend some time with ours and it was a really important reminder of how fortunate we are to have this wonderful life, due in no small part to the men and women who serve.

Back on Track

A year after the batteries in my scale died and I shoved that bad boy in the back of the closet, I weighed myself. For the first time in a year. The result? Up 8 lbs and a big explanation of why I'm not feeling so hot. So I'm back on track as of today.

My mom and sister are coming into town and it's a holiday weekend, but I've got to stop sneaking bites of raw cookie dough and trying to go chip for chip with my husband when we get Mexican. Even up 8 lbs, I'm still a good 20 lbs lighter than I have been before, but I don't want to get back to that place. 

When I was working as a Nutritionist, we used to tell our patients that "knowing doesn't equal doing". I'm singing that song more than ever these days. Knowing all I know, but still shoveling all the wrong things in my open maw.

So bye bye, waffle fries (for now, I'm sure we'll meet again when I can be trusted to consume you in moderation) and hello lots and lots of water. I didn't miss you, but you really help me out.

See ya, Hershey Kisses. Sure, you're only 25 calories a pop, but 10 of you in a row? That's a different story. Hello, lean proteins and lots of veggies. Personally, I think you can be really bland and boring but I'm determined to give you a makeover and make you delicious. 

If I'm being honest, it's not about swimsuit season (because I've found the perfect swimsuit no matter what), my sister's upcoming wedding, or even the number on the scale (that's just what I use to jolt myself back to reality), it's about feeling good. 

So RIP, nachos. I'll miss you for a while.

Drugstore Beauty Buys

If you were to walk into my bathroom at 7:30 in the morning, you'd see a number of things. 

My toddler, overnight pull-up discarded on the floor, squatting on her training toilet in full tutu and tiara singing "I'm peeeeeing!". A very big iced coffee or latte on the counter (depending on whether or not we've braved the Starbucks drive thru), me in some variety of yoga pants with the most spectacular bed head you've ever seen, and the following slew of products on the counter.

I love, love, love a drugstore beauty buy for two reasons:

1. They're cheap
2. They're easy to restock

There are few things more inconvenient than having to take a toddler into Sephora or Nordstrom because my MAC powder has run out, so I try to find the best drugstore options for most of my beauty items so I can snag a refill while doing our twice a week yogurt and paper towel run at Target. So basic. So happy.

Drugstore Beauty Buys

Dry Shampoo | Brow Gel | Eyeliner | Lip Balm | BB Cream | BB Body Lotion | Moisturizer

Let's start at the top and work our way down.

Dry shampoo is on the beauty buy list of most women I know, especially women with children. If I'm being honest, it's not that I don't have the time to wash my hair every day. I really easily sit Olivia with the iPad and hop in the shower. It's just that I don't have the inclination to wash my hair every time I'm in there. It takes forever to dry and is generally just a huge pain in the butt, so I like to stretch my wash a little bit with dry shampoo. I love the Not Your Mother's brand so much because it's super affordable, comes in a giant can, and doesn't have a weird odor or residue.

I like a strong brow, nothing new there, but I don't always want to take the time to really carefully fill them in (are we sensing laziness is becoming a theme here?). A quick swipe of the Maybelline Brow Drama gel tames those bad boys and fills them in with just enough color to satisfy my bold brow dreams. I know a bold brow isn't for everyone and once in a while I get carried away and Steph has to tell me I've crossed into drag queen territory, but it's ok.

I hardly use eye make up any more (because I got lash extensions about 6 weeks ago and they have rocked my world fo reals), but I'll occasionally throw on some eyeliner and the Nyx Two Timer liner has a felt tip liquid liner on one end (I love a good winged liner) and a pencil liner on the other. Bam. Two birds, one stone.

I'm seriously in love with the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream Moisturizer for Spring and Summer. It's super light weight, smells amazing, and really gets the job done. I've been using some pretty powerful acne fighting products that can dry my skin out and after a night or two of using this, the dry skin story is o-v-e-r.

As for face makeup, I like to keep it a little lighter in the Summer and have always loved BB Cream. I recently found the Maybelline BB Cream that has 2% salicylic acid which is a dream for the acne afflicted like myself. It's light but still decent coverage and I like to think that it's battling acne while I battle with the toddler.

Finally, I've spoken of my love for the Jergens BB Body Lotion before and the love affair has continued. I swear this has made the stretch marks on my stomach (thanks, pregnancy) disappear almost completely, and feels really silky, not sticky after applying.

So there you go. Next time you're in Target and feel the need to stock your cart with some beauty finds, these are my favorites, so throw 'em in there. Assuming you have room with all the throw pillows, area rugs, and knick knacks you're also buying. Because you went in for toothpaste.

A Weekend to Reconnect

Hey, friends! 

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and are ready to tackle the end (seriously, the end?!) of May!

Before I drift off to sleep while writing my to-do list for tomorrow, I thought I'd recap a fun weekend that I spent primarily with my hubby!

My mother in law was in town this weekend and she basically told us that she didn't want us around. She said it much more delicately than that, but she was clear. She wanted time alone with Liv (aka the stage five clinger when I'm around) and that we should get out.

So we did. 

We had three date nights this weekend. Yep, three. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We went on drives, saw Pitch Perfect 2 (it was hilarious), ate at a couple of not so kid friendly restaurants we've been wanting to try, and had the long conversations we used to have before we became parents.

We talked about O, our life, our goals. We shared french fries and even managed to sort out a sticky issue or two. The kind you can really only work out over nachos and wine at 4 in the afternoon.

Then we came home refreshed. Ready for the tantrum that was waiting for us two minutes after we walked through the door, and ready to handle it with renewed patience and the ability to look at each other over her flailing little body and laugh. 


I've got none. Just didn't take any. It was a nice break. Maybe next I'll try not posting on Instagram as much, though the withdrawals may do me in.

Tomorrow we're back to the usual routine, which is great because I like when things are nice and boring around here (honestly), until Friday when my own mother (and sister!) fly in!

Have an awesome week!


We Need an Ark

It's been raining in Houston for a year.

Ok, four days, but if you have kids you know how I feel.

O's been standing at the window saying "Oh no, mama! It's waining!" for days and I feel bad that I keep telling her we can't go outside. It's rained hard enough that I probably could have shampooed her hair and then sent her out for a rinse and called bath time done. But enough talk about wasted opportunities. If it keeps up much longer, I'm just going to strap a raincoat on that kid and we're going out, wet or not. 

So what have we been doing?

Stickers, lots of stickers. We've baked, we've colored, we've painted, we've watched Disney movies an embarrassing number of times, we've played dress up princesses until we have no clean clothes left, and made good friends with the staff at the indoor playground.

But we miss the outside. Our pool is overflowing and a ten day forecast that calls for more rain has me feeling cabin crazy. So hit me, mamas. What do you do to pass the rainy day time?

Small Business Series: 3 Tips for Getting Started

If I had it to do over again, I'd do it differently. 

I started WC kind of fly by the seat of my pants and it took me a while to figure things out. Granted, I wasn't thinking "I'd like to start a business", it was more "well, um, maybe I'll start an Etsy shop?" and it evolved from there, but I've definitely learned a few things along the way. Some things have panned out fantastically and other things? Not so much. So let's talk about my top three tips for getting started once you know what it is you want to do!

1. Figure Out Your Logo/Branding in Advance

I didn't have a set logo before I opened my shop and it took me five or six tries and six months to find one I liked (and we're actually in the process of slightly modifying it right now), but this is really important. Your logo will be front and center on your site (whether its Etsy or your own dot com) and on your materials.

Here's the original logo thrown together in Pic Monkey

and our most recent, more professional logo:

We slap this bad boy on everything. Postcards that we mount the headbands and clips on, on the stickers that go on the outside of each package, on gift cards and coupons, you name it. 

Speaking of materials, I used to print a lot of mine at home and they just didn't cut it. They weren't as professional and it's worth the cost to have them professionally printed. I love Fed Ex office or Vista Print because the quality is fantastic and there's always, always a 30% off coupon on retailmenot.com so they can be really affordable. It's worth your while to sort this out in advance so that when your first orders come in, you're confident when you send them out. If your first customers are impressed with the quality of not just your product, but your packaging and presentation, they'll be return customers and spread the word.

Steph and I talk about this all the time, actually. Think about when you order something that you're super excited about. Then it finally comes and it's crammed in a tiny little envelope that's all crushed and the packaging is just disappointing. It's kind of a let down and takes away from the whole experience. We really want people to get our products and love the headband as well as how it's packaged. That means that it arrives in perfect condition and looking professionally packaged. Just my two cents, though!

2. Learn Photography or Hire it Out

Your photos will be what sell your product. I have to say that this is the second most important thing you can do to grow a business (I'll talk about the most important in a future post). Without being able to hold your product and see if in person, customers need to be drawn in by the photo. The photos have to sell it. My early photos were a joke and I'm downright embarrassed of them.  I've learned a lot of about photography and take all our lay flat shots and a good portion of our modeled shots to make up about 75% of our shots. We pay our favorite photographers to get about 20% of the other shots (mostly modeled) and we only work with photographers whose work we love and who understand our style - crisp, bright, and simple. The other 5% of shots come from customers who we love and have some major talent!

The photo philosophy extends to Instagram as well. When people first find your feed, they decide whether or not to follow based on their first impression. Dark, sloppy, or just generally unprofessional photos aren't going to help you, regardless of how amazing the product is.

I use  a couple white poster boards glued together to make a white box and move that box wherever the light is best to get product shots. I mostly use a nifty fifty lens when I shoot and try to shoot as many angles as possible so that each listing has multiple photos.

I also have a white backdrop in my studio for taking photos on kiddos (fortunately my friends have the cutest little ones and let me borrow them from time to time!).

3. Research Your Competition

In my arena in particular, there are literally hundreds of other businesses offering a similar product. Headband and accessories shops are a dime a dozen it seems, and researching others in your market is important for two reasons:

- you can learn a lot from more established shops
- it will help you identify what's already being done so you can find something that's uniquely yours.

We try really, really hard not to offer the same products as anyone else. Once in a while we see someone using the same lace or a similar style piece, but we really make an effort not to use supplies or products that others are using. For example, I started out with a lot of felt hair bows and decided that wasn't really my favorite, that other people did it better, and I wanted to be known for something different. We're known now for our lace headbands and while we offer a variety of pieces, lace headbands are our signature and I'm proud of that. They're my favorite items to make, sell, and see on our customers.

Think about what you want to be known for, make sure you're unique and use researching your competition as a way to make sure you are.

I feel like I could talk on and on about this stuff and maybe it's not particularly riveting, but they're easily the three biggest things I wish I'd done before I started!

Mother's Day

Motherhood has taught me a lot, like how to do seven things at once, change a diaper nearly one handed, and I can wrap a mean swaddle. It's also taught me a valuable lesson in adjusting my expectations, which is a lesson that came in handy this weekend.

Ryan was out of town working, I woke up with lock jaw and around lunchtime our garbage disposal exploded, leaving rotten food all over the kitchen and two sinks that wouldn't drain. A glam, brunching Mother's Day it was not.


Motherhood has also taught me to enjoy the little moments that really matter, and after a quiet cuddle with my best girl, many many minutes of Facetiming with my own mother, and a sweet phone call from my hubby, all was well.

Well after that and four bottles of draino plus a plunger.

One of my favorite aspects of blogging has been getting to know so many other mothers, getting to pick their brains, and watch their kiddos grow up, so I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and Mother's Day, spent with the ones you love most.

A Week of Wear

Another week of suburban mom style comin' atcha.

It's taken me literally my entire adult life to find a style/pieces that work for my figure (post partum or not) and that make me feel comfortable and stylish (using the word stylish really loosely here).

I really prefer skinny leg pants, a loose top, and wedges or chic flats. I mix up the bags here and there and keep the jewelry minimal and it works for me. Here's what I wore this week!

Old Navy Dress | Old Marshalls Sandals  | TJ Maxx Tote

Old Navy Shirtdress | Jack Rogers Sandals | J Crew Factory Bracelet

Hope you all have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there!

Small Business Series : Why I Started Willow Crowns

I'll occasionally get e-mails or questions on Instagram asking about WC, why I started it, how I balance it, how to make a small business successful, etc. I don't know that I'm particularly qualified to give advice on any of those, but I thought it might be a fun idea to do a small business series on the 'ol blog and talk about my experience as a (very) small business owner. 

A good place to start is at the beginning. Why I started Willow Crowns. If you've been hanging around here for long, you know it's a focus of my Instagram and a big part of my day to day life, which is something I really never expected.

Let me be super honest. I expected being a stay at home mom to completely fulfill me. I don't know why, since I had no experience with it, but I just kind of assumed it would be everything I needed/wanted and that it would be great not to have to "go to work" every day.

The first thing I learned is that motherhood is work. Whether you leave the house or don't, have a full time job outside of parenting or not, it's hard work and that you can't phone it in. 

The second thing I learned is that it didn't completely fulfill me. Don't get me wrong and don't get all riled up. I absolutely love staying home with my daughter and if I could only choose to do one thing, that's what I'd be doing, hands down. I would never trade this job and try to remember how lucky I am to have it, but there was a definite longing for something else that was coexisting with my love of motherhood.

Around the time O was 10 months old, I started to miss doing non mom things and feeling like I wanted to do something for myself. I think a big part of it was that I was two months into our move to Texas. Getting to know new people has never been a real strength of mine so I was pretty lonely in a brand new place with a husband who worked a lot. We were feeling stressed from buying our first home, a little isolated, Ryan's new job was kicking his butt, and it was honestly a really hard time for us. 

I was already making (the crappiest) little headbands for Liv (because I was going to punch the next person to tell me what a beautiful little boy I had), and thought I may as well see if I could sell some on Etsy. Maybe I could contribute a tiny bit financially, be creative, and have something that was mine. It was what I did during naps, late at night when I was still home alone with the baby, and it was really therapeutic. My early efforts were beyond embarrassing and if you bought something during those early days, I'm really really sorry. 

I really didn't know if it would grow or be a total dud, but it kind of didn't matter at the time. It was cathartic and gave me something to focus on besides the stress and unhappiness we were working through. It made me a better mom because I was doing something for myself, so I felt like I had more to give when it was "mom time". Does that make sense?

So that's how Willow Crowns was born. Crowns because duh, they're headbands and Willow for the name of the street I grew up on, the little piece of home I really needed at the time.

A couple of ideas I have for future posts are how I grew the business, talking about branding, time management while still being a full time stay at home mom, and anything else you'd like to know! Let me know in the comments if there's something you'd like to hear about related to WC or being a small business owner! 


p.s. Steph has posted a live stream of her thoughts/actions from our Spring launch today and I think it's a fun read if you're interested!

The Big Braid Tip

I love, love, love a good braid. I'd say my hair has a braid of some sort 4 days out of the week. They're ideal for second day hair, hiding my bangs that just refuse to grow out any faster, and they're a great way to mix up a boring hair routine. 

I've had lots of requests for tutorials and I'm definitely hoping to get around to doing one soon, but in the meantime I thought I'd answer a question I get a lot, which is "how do you get your braids so thick?". 

Honestly, I feel a little silly writing this post because it is literally the simplest hair trick out there, but ask and you shall receive.

I have a lot of hair so my braids aren't super wimpy to start with, but here's how one looks after really quickly braiding it.

Then all you do is start tugging on the strands (gently) to loosen the braid and make it bigger.

You can throw some smoothing pomade on there to calm down the frizz, but expect this to result in a looser, more boho looking braid. Again, so simple that I'm sure it illicits a "duh", but this little trick has totally changed my braid game. 

And speaking of hair (time for shameless self promotion)....Willow Crowns' Summer line is launching Tuesday at 10 AM CST and I'd love it if you'd check it out! 

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend flew by like a toddler free hour, but it was a good one!

When I wasn't prepping for the Willow Crowns Summer launch (10 AM CST Tuesday morning), we were eating, playing outside, working around the house, and celebrating Mother's Day a week early since our normal schedule is a little upside down next weekend.

Pics? Thought you'd never ask.

Not only is this cookie adorable (and delicious), I earned it big time. After a week of potty training and making literally hundreds of headbands, I inhaled this bad boy without a second thought.

My peeps took me brunching for my faux Mother's Day and fortunately our favorite crepe place happens to have some kick butt coffee. 

It's warm in Houston but not too hot yet (soon, any day soon) so we're outside almost constantly trying to take advantage. This little Radio Flyer tricycle is our favorite mode of transportation currently.

My shoes are from a local boutique, but these Melissa sandals from Nordstrom are nearly identical.

More riveting launch planning. Want to know how many attempts it takes Steph and I to agree on the three homepage images? About a thousand.

Ended our weekend with water table fun. When she was ready to go in, she fibbed and said she had to pee just to get me to take her in the house pronto. Master manipulator, party of one. Time to sharpen my maternal lie detector skills.

J Crew Factory Suit (similar style) | Old Navy Hat

Tomorrow I have a super quick and easy tutorial lined up for how I make my braids so chunky (the only time I ever want the word "chunky" associated with my name...although one more of those Starbucks cookies and its game over). 

Hope you had a great weekend!
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