Weekend Wrap Up

Well. A wild weekend we did not have.

We managed a brunch or two, planted some flowers, and worked around the house.

What am I leaving out....?

Oh yeah, we started potty training, otherwise known as my greatest parental sanity test to date. 

I'll spare you the details and just send some photos your way...food, what I wore, and some pretty flowers. Then I'll be up late googling "potty training tips" on my phone. 

Cuteheads Romper | Nordstrom Rack Boots

piko tee | white denim (Old Navy) | tote is TJ Maxx | Lilly for Target wedges

My new favorite weekend dinner is chicken and shrimp tacos minus the tortilla with poblano sauce. Completely delish and our Sunday go to!

I'm just realizing this is basically all photos of my feet...which is weird. So note to self for the next post. 

Hope you had an awesome weekend!


  1. Ugh potty training, I don't even want to cross that bridge but the older Scarlett gets the more pressure I feel :( EVERYONE is asking when we're going to potty train and it makes me mental... I'm confident that she will decide one day that she's ready and it'll be easy, I HOPE I'm right!

  2. Seriously, potty training is the part of parenting I fear and dread most. I'm very much putting it off hoping he just does it one day! Wishful thinking??? Love those purple flowers... And all your shoes ;).

  3. I gave up on potty training...it'll happen eventually, right?! (HOPEFULLY!) Where are you from in Maine?? I grew up in Portland and moved back a few years ago (after going to Elon and being sorority sisters with Stephanie - small world!!) Anyways, keep up the pictures of your feet....I love your style!! :) Ha!

  4. I tried potty training twice. Once when she was just over 2 and I was about 4 months pregnant (and I definitely did not put enough effort into it because she just wasn't ready) and then again when I was 8 months pregnant and was bound and determined not to have 2 in diapers. I did the intense stay-at-home-and-do-nothing-but-pump-her-full-of-juice-for-3-straight-days and that coupled with the extra 4 months in age is what did the trick. Being locked at home for those 3 days was not enjoyable but I'm so glad I did in that way in hindsight and she's been potty trained ever since save for a few accidents here and there! :)

  5. Good luck with your potty training! Your petunias look beautiful :)

  6. hahah at least your pedi is awesome! Have a great week!

  7. Potty training....I dread this day. P is about to start crawling...I am also dreading that day soon too. haha

  8. So in lust with those wedges!!! #totalhearteyes

  9. We just started potty training too! I know exactly what you are talking about and going through! We've been at it for about a week now and it gets better... ? We did a little "boot camp" and have been staying close to home, but he's learning. I'm sure Olivia will catch on soon! Hang in there, Mama!


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