The Perfect Swimsuit

I always laugh I when I sit down to blog about weight/shape what have you while I'm simultaneously stuffing my face. These mini packs of Trader Joes trail mix are rocking my world. It has almonds AND dark chocolate in it, so, health health.

Anywho, it's May first (and I do my daintiest little chuckle when I see the NSYNC meme about how it's gonna be May. Every time), and Summer is creeping up on us. So let's talk about something that will make you cringe : swimsuits.

Let me be frank and say I wasn't rocking a two piece pre baby, so nothing has changed there, but an appropriately ruched bathing suit is more critical than error. I rely heavily on bathing suits that will suck me in, push me up, and hide that super sexy extra skin that's lingering around my middle for a taste of the trail mix headed its way.  Fortunately, I've discovered La Blanca swimsuits and they're a game changer. I feel personally responsible for making sure everyone owns one.

I pulled this vintage snap from last year off my Instagram (@willowcrowns).

I love, love, love these strapless suits so much that I have two. The red and a navy and white polka dot. I've linked this red suit from Nordstrom (and the hat is J Crew) but before you go running off to put this amazing, flattering, and somehow still age appropriately sexy (ugh) suit in your shopping cart, check TJ Maxx or Marshalls first. I find these exact suits there constantly and even sent one to Steph a couple months ago when I found it calling her name from the rack. Nordstrom Rack also tends to get these in often, so check there too!

update: Tiffany was kind enough to comment below with a link she found to TJ Maxx online where you can grab a La Blanca! The link is here , thanks for being so awesome, ladies!

So stop worrying about swimsuits, grab one of these bad boys knowing it will hold your tummy in and show off the impressive mom guns you have going on from hoisting a 30 lb toddler around all day!


  1. Gorgeous suit! I love rocking the one pieces. I usually wear them instead of two pieces because they flatter you so much more. Hope you get a weekend to wear it soon!

  2. Does it come with an optional strap? I feel like in addition to covering the belly, the cleavage has gotten unruly (and not in a good way!). I love the idea of this suit though... So pretty!

    1. Yes! It has a halter option - I wish I had that problem, but sadly not.

  3. I love the design of this suit! I don't know if I will rock a bathing suit at all this year with no pools and beaches in my life, but this would def be a good option!

  4. TJ Maxx has a couple online right now from La Blanca (free returns in store)

  5. I normally wear two pieces but after seeing another blogger ROCKING a suit similar to this one, I've been thinking about a one piece like this. There was a Walmart one making the rounds last year that had a bunch of talk about it. I'm still on the fence but think I may go try some on.

  6. This was exactly the post I needed to read. I tried on one piece swimsuits yesterday, and literally all I could think of was the little girl from Little Miss Sunshine. Not a good look.
    Can't wait to give this suit a try!!

  7. I have to comment on this even though it's an older post because your post has changed my upcoming bathing suit season. I'm luckily back to my pre-baby weight, but after a c-section, and as you know simply carrying a baby for 9 months, my post-baby belly just isn't what it used to be. I blame it on being super short/short torso. Anyways...I was browsing the TJMaxx's swim racks the other day and came across this exact suit in black. I tried it on, and literally almost started crying because just like that, I was actually going to enjoy pool season this year. so THANK YOU! Us mommies need all the tricks we can get to get by!


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