So...What Do You Do All Day?

Whenever someone asks me this question, I have to try really hard not to roll my eyes so hard that they get stuck up near by brain. Sometimes I say "nothing" just to see their reaction.

Kidding, I'm only that brave in my head.

However, this isn't actually a post about what I do all day as a stay at home mom. Disappointed? I know you thought that was going to be riveting. I am going to talk about things I do with Liv, though. Entertaining a toddler isn't always the easiest and with long Summer days on the horizon, I'm digging through my arsenal of toddler entertainment tips and laying 'em out the non expert I am. 

I like to get out of the house as much as possible with her, so that's what the majority of these are geared towards.

1. Bounce Houses

There's nothing like an indoor bounce house/inflatables venue to kill some time, wear out your kid, and provide some cheap entertainment. We have a bunch nearby, they're usually in the $6 range and she just goes bonkers in there. The best part? Come July when it's 110 degrees here, the AC is free.

2. Water Tables

What is it with kids and water? They love it - at least all the kids I know. I 'grammed a shot of our backyard setup recently and all you need is a water table (I got ours at Target for $30) and a chair for yo self. I fully anticipate that my mom friends and I will be found here the majority of the summer. That is if we aren't at the splash pad.

3. Splash Pads

They're rampant in Texas since Summer here is like living on the sun, but it's a great alternative to swimming. Some kids don't dig the pool like my fearless toddler (hello, swimming lessons this summer) and the splash pad is especially awesome for toddler moms. Getting to sit on the side and catch up with friends while your kid runs wild through 10 glorified sprinklers? Perfect. My friend with a new baby claims that splash pads were invented for moms with babies so they could sit on the side and nurse while the toddler runs it out. You can be the judge of that since I'm not currently in the process of nursing a babe (although I did accidentally buy a nursing bra and kept it because it was so comfy).

4. Bookstores

I never understood why my mom always wanted to take my younger sister to the bookstore, but now I get it. First thing: Starbucks. Second thing: lego tables, train sets, a tiny little stage for tiny little divas to twirl on. Books to read, snacks to be snacked, other kids to side eye. We killed 90 minutes there this morning like it ain't no thang.

5. Bowling

Think your toddler can't bowl? Think again. Many places have special lightweight balls and a little ramp for them to roll the ball down. That plus bumpers = a solid hour of nonstop fun for my kiddo. She just tosses that thing down the ramp, runs for another ball, and does it again rapid fire. This is my new rainy day favorite. It's usually dead during the day and the kids have the place to themselves.

6. Music Classes/ Gym Classes

When O was 1 we did the Little Gym and really loved it. It was like a mix of music and gym class and it was something to break up the middle of our week. My friends with younger babies really love music class as a way to get out of the house, meet other moms, and keep the kiddos more entertained than they might be at home. Basically, we all need to mix it up.

6. Whatever the activity, shoot for the morning

Whatever activity we happen to choose for the day, I usually try to schedule it for the first half of the day. I figure she can run out all her energy and that bodes better for nap time. Good naps = better afternoons. You get where I'm going with this. If we get an errand like groceries and 1 toddler activity in before nap time, we can usually whittle the rest of the afternoon away with nap, bikes, bubbles, some Little Mermaid, dress up, and just straight up pandemonium running around the house.

I know that absolutely none of this is particularly ground breaking but sometimes I like to see what other people are doing with their kids since we definitely get stuck in our own rut/routine and forget/are too lazy to try new things.

And with that, friends, I'm out. I took 2 Benadryl an hour or so ago to help battle these relentlessly vicious allergies so I'll be unconscious soon.


  1. Yes to all of this! We love all of these, especially bowling! And around here afternoon plans are often messed up due to longer naps. So much easier to make plans in the morning. And oh man, people who ask what we do all day really annoy me. If you worked as a nanny or in a daycare you wouldn't consider it a non-job where they sit around all day!!!

  2. I always see the funnest setups at book stores and libraries. I can totally see why kids love it. Hope your allergies clear up soon!

  3. I was a nanny, not a mama, but I loved the splash pads in the summer! Post up with some snacks in the shade and kill at least an hour, two if they make friends! And book stores are fun too. I made a lot of goo (elmers glue, borax recipe) and chalk paint (cornstarch and food coloring) for the sidewalk. It seemed to entertain girls longer than boys but still so fun! Keeping them busy can be exhausting!

  4. Totally going to try the bowling idea with my quads soon! Hadn't thought of that and they turn 3 next month so perfect age, I think. Thanks for the tip!

  5. OMG thank you so much for this post! We do a lot of similar things, but I was worried about how to keep her busy when the new baby comes and I'm on leave and home alone. The women at my church have an ongoing Wednesday play date at a local park, so when I have Weds off, I usually will head out that way. It's nice to meet people with kids and get out of the house. Anytime I have home with Ellie, my goal is the same as yours- get outdoors and do it in the morning.


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