Our Easter

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Easter (or Passover!) with your loved ones! This was our first holiday spent just the three of us and it was really low key and lovely. We had the chance to start some new (hopefully) traditions of our own and enjoy lots of time together.

O loved her Easter basket and about 30 seconds after she ripped into that bad boy we left to get some brunch.

When we got home we did a little Easter egg hunt, the nugget and I snuggled up to watch Sleeping Beauty for the first time (for her, it was about the 1000th time for me), I had a mimosa, and then we all took naps. By nap I mean lay in bed on the phone checking Instagram, and then falling asleep 5 minutes before little one woke up. I will never learn.

I thought it might be sad to be away from family, but we ended up really enjoying our day, even though we missed them! The house was full of flowers, I made seafood chowder like my grandmother does for holidays, and a restful day was just what the doctor ordered, especially for Ryan. He had Friday off, so a three day weekend with him was the icing on the cake and I think we spent more time with him this weekend than we have since we moved to Texas!

We wrapped up the day with a walk to feed the turtles and burn off a teeny tiny fraction of the calories we consumed.

Spending all this time together, starting traditions, and watching her really understand and enjoy a holiday does a lot for my willingness to add another baby to the mix. While I don't think we're quite there yet, it was so fun to think about Easter next year or the years after and filling our house with our own family and adding even more insanity to the equation. Now that I've said this, I can almost guarantee some kind of toddler episode tomorrow that will make me rethink the whole idea, but for now, it's nice to imagine.

Some links from today's post, just in case you're interested!

Liv's Dress: J Crew Factory
Liv's Purse: Target
Radio Flyer Bike: Amazon


  1. Happy Easter! Glad it went well just the three of you! Olivia's brunch outfit is so cute... Can I get it in my size 😉

  2. Happy Easter! Glad you enjoyed it with each other! Also, Olivia's brunch dress.. TO DIE FOR!!!

  3. What a perfect day Megan! Love O's outfit, she is the most stylish little gal I have ever seen. Sometimes the low key holidays are totally the best ones! Cheers to a new week.

  4. Her Easter outfit is SO adorable- such a little lady! This was the first holiday that she totally understood and enjoyed as well and it was so much fun! I have the same thoughts about adding a little one soon but I also get cold feet shortly after having that thought when she fights us at bedtime or has a tantrum. It's funny how that roller coaster of emotions works.

  5. MMMM Mimosa....I cannot wait to indulge in a few after baby is here! Her little brunch dress is adorable!

    Aspen Kelty Marie

  6. I always scroll Instagram to fall asleep and I swear as soon as I close my eyes, Presley starts crying. It's a vicious circle I tell ya! Glad you had a lovely little Easter just the three of you!!

  7. Sounds like y'all had a perfect Easter weekend! Loving little miss fashionista's scalloped dress and purse!! Happy Monday!

  8. I already said this on IG, but I love that picture of her with the purse! Does she even realize what a fashionista she is??

  9. Sounds like such a nice, relaxing weekend! Can I just say I am so jealous of the natural light in your home? Love! And I only hope that my Avery is as fashionable as O is when she's a toddler! :)

  10. I love her dress! She looks adorable! We got Ellie the same tricycle and I love it as much as she does! It's going to make walks so much more fun.


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