Neck and Neck

I don't wear lots of jewelry and I usually stick to simple stud earrings and hardly ever wear any bracelets. The only exception is necklaces. I especially love delicate, dainty necklaces and long tassel pieces and rely on them to make my mom uniform slightly less mundane. I've rounded up a few of my current favorites (including a few from my favorite Etsy shops) for you to take a peek at!

First I'll talk about this gorgeous natural and gold wood bead necklace from Laura Cox Designs

Steph blogged about Laura and her shop a couple weeks ago and I quickly hopped over to her site to snap this up. O loved it so much that Laura was nice enough to make a mini version for me to purchase and it arrived yesterday, much to one little lady's delight. "Mama, our nek-a-ses!".  It's perfectly neutral and is giving my plain tees and sweaters the perfectly understated finishing touch.

The pink tassel necklace is from a local boutique called Anything Bling Boutique and is enough out of my comfort zone to be fun and different without being so far out there that I'm afraid to wear it.

The Kendra Scott Rayne necklace is another go to tassel piece for me (I have the Mother of Pearl color) and is a tiny bit dressier, so it's often found on date nights. 

 Now for the dainty ones!

I truly love small gold necklaces and layering them is my favorite. I've worn my "O" charm necklace every day since Olivia was born and like to add different pieces to that depending on the day/my mood/what I'm wearing. The charm necklace is a 16" length and I buy the others in 18" so they'll be slightly longer. 

The druzy bar necklace is from Dolce Ave, and the gold circle and triangle necklaces are from Mia Earrings. I love shopping small and these ladies all deliver big time! 

So those are my faves! Don't be surprised if you see these popping up nonstop on Instagram or again on the blog because I'm always wearing one of them at any given time!


  1. Beautiful! I especially love the Kendra Scott one! I feel like I have a lot of statement necklaces but only one or two I'd feel comfortable wearing on a regular basis. I think I need to branch out more!

  2. I'm with you, I usually stick to the small gold necklaces. But I absolutely love the wood bead necklace from Laura Cox Designs!!! I might have to go snag one for myself and I think it is just adorable that she made one for Olivia too! So sweet!

  3. I love the long Kendra Scott necklaces! Maybe I will have to put one on my Christmas list this year as I am too cheap to get one for myself! My go-to everyday necklace is a gold one with my name on it, à la Carrie Bradshaw. I should try layering it -- I really like that look!

  4. That pink tassel necklace is gorgeous! Unfortunately, I'll be necklace free for the next few months until my daughter understands they are not her chew toys. Fighting her off is like fighting an octopus. Girl is quick with those hands!


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