Maxed Out

A fashion blogger I am not, but a lover of comfortable clothes? Heck yes.

Maxi dresses rank high on my list of favorite clothing items, right behind yoga pants and just in front of piko shirts. I love how simple they make getting dressed in the morning and the risk of flashing your fellow citizens when you bend down to retrieve your toddler (who is layed out on the floor of the grocery store) is pretty much zero. 

I've collected a few favorites over the years that I'm here to share today! 

I'm an equal opportunity buyer when it comes to patterns and solids, but they're all banded at the waist. I like a little definition to help out with the area of my body I'm least comfortable with and maxi's with no shape make me look like I'm wearing a potato sack. 

Almost all of these are old, but here are some similar options:

- Black and White Maxi - Fraiche By J Printed Maxi $92
- Blue Patterned Maxi - London Times Printed Blouse Maxi $99
- Blue Maxi - Gilli Inc Adore Maxi Dress $55

My current favorite is new and is the Verda Maxi from Anthropologie. The best news? Dresses are 20% off at Anthro now, so this would be the time to pull the trigger. 

I usually throw the dress on, slip on a pair of flat sandals, grab a straw tote, and put my hair in a quick braid and head out the door. I love an easy Summer look and maxi dresses are where it's at!


  1. what are your thoughts about making that Verda Maxi work while being preggers? I think I am in love with it!

  2. I am in love with those blue ones! They are gorgeous!

  3. All of these are so pretty! Perfect for the summer time!

  4. The number one reason I'm so excited for summer is to break out my maxi dresses again! Love!

  5. Maxi dresses are my FAVOURITE! I often struggle to find one that is long enough but when I do, Hallelujah!!


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