Lip Favorites

I don't hoard much, but lip products are my exception. While I like to keep most areas of my life pretty streamlined, I'm an addict when it comes to lip balms, glosses, lip sticks, lip salves, whatever. So to give you a full look at the crazy today, I'm sharing my favorite lip products!

The balms:

Move over Chapstick, I've got Baby Lips. The first two are colorless and tend to live in my nightstand in case I should need a 2 AM application. Dry lips are a nightmare in and of themselves. The other two are lightly tinted and ideal for tossing in my purse by the dozen. Little bit of color, whole lotta lip smoothing goodness. I'm linking these at Ulta but they're all over the place - Target, the grocery store, wherever! These are a bargain at $4.50 and I love to stock up.

The glosses:

My perfect pinky nude is the Naked lipgloss from Urban Decay ($20) and the Smashbox in Pout ($20) is a super baby pink that I usually reserve for date night. The Naked gloss has an amazing smooth texture that I prefer to the stickier texture of the Smashbox gloss, but they're both keepers. These are both Sephora or Ulta buys!

The salves:

Used almost as heavily as my Baby Lips are my Smith's Rosebud Salves ($6) in every flavor. Original, Strawberry, and Mint. Personal fave? The Mint. Barely, barely tinted, immediate moisture, and I love the applicator. I always snag these at the checkout of Sephora or Anthropolgie.

The lipsticks:

I don't use many lipsticks as I feel like they tend to look cakey on my lips. I also tend to do a pretty dramatic eye most days (winged liner fo life), so doing a heavy lip is always out of the question. These two, the Julianne by L'Oreal and Dior Lip Glow, are the only two that I've ever repeat purchased. The L'Oreal is a bargain buy at $8 and the Dior is a definite splurge at $33. I love the translucent yet bright aspect to the Lip Glow which allegedly doesn't color your lips, just brings out their natural color, and the soft pink from the L'Oreal is perfect for everyday. I get the L'Oreal at Target or Ulta and the Lip Glow is widely available at Sephora!

The fun and pretty:

This is the newest to my lineup and I'm luh-ving it. This is Royal Apothic Tinties Lip Butter in Pink ($14). I got this at Anthropologie and the sweet little pot it comes in is to die (sucker for packaging) and the color is the brightest in my collection - almost a fuchsia - without being too much. It applies like a balm, isn't sticky at all, and I'm going to have to try the other colors.

The selfie:


  1. I'm always looking for new lipsticks/glosses. I'm a loyal fan to the classic black Chapstick though... Keep them EVERYWHERE!

  2. Girl, you gotta try Sugar and ImageSkincare Ormedic Lip Ointment!! My lips will be cracked and bleeding and one application of either of these and they're nice and soft.

  3. I have most of these mentioned, and love them! My lips tend to stay dry and chapped year round, and I've found that using Lush's lip scrub (my favorite is bubblegum) and then applying The Body Shop's aloe vera lip care has significantly helped! Lip junkie for life right here! xoxo

  4. Baby lips is my most recent lip care obsession as well! Glad I found it in time to replace my favorite (Danielle & Co.) that was discontinued.

  5. The Baby Lips taunt me at every check out! I never knew if they were any good. Now I shall try! I love my EOSes. EOSi? EOSae? They are so moisturizing and cute in the little ball packaging.
    And. YES team winged liner. #WL4L

  6. I have loved Baby Lips since Maybelline brought them out, and hope they NEVER go away! I have the orange tube, which is a brighter shade of pink, and I love it! It gives me just enough color to look woken up and alive for preschool drop off without being so bright that I feel like Bozo the clown, lol!:) I've been wanting to try the Rosebud Salve too:)

  7. I love that you just blogged about ALL those glosses! That is quite a collection and yet eos is not in the mix?!

  8. Need those Smith's Rosebud Salves IN.MY.LIFE ! So cute! Actually really enjoyed this post! Lucy x

  9. OMG! Thank you for sharing these!! After reading this, I grabbed the Smith's Rosebud Salve in mint when I was at Anthro and I am in LOVE!!! I only wish I would have gotten a few more! Have a great weekend!


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