Faves Around the House

We're at that point where the house finally feels like ours, not the former owners' but we aren't quite at the place where we'd call it done....

Hold on, I'm just dreaming about the day the house will be "done". I look about 60 in this dream. Anyways.

Regardless of the state of our house, there are five things in and around the house that really make me feel settled here and really help me ignore the tiny pile of crushed cracker on the floor. God forbid I pick that up the first 10 times I walk by it. I'll wait for pass number 11, thank you.

1. Candles

My mom always burned candles when I was growing up and I guarantee you that if you walk into my parents' home unannounced that a. my mom will probably have a stroke ("this place is a mess!") and b. she'll be burning candles and my dad will be cooking. So obviously, good smells are tied to some happy memories for me. While I'm working on filling the house with good smells from cooking, I'm doing a fantastic job of filling it with good smells from candles. I usually keep one in the kitchen and one on my dresser in the master. They're both up nice and high, out of reach of curious little hands and I tend to rotate between a couple different scents. 

- My absolute favorite is Anthropologie's Capri Blue Volcano candle. It's on the pricey end, though it's longevity helps ease the financial sting. It packs a punch in the fragrance department and is heavenly.

- Target has some awesome, big candles for $10. My current living room choice is Sweet Blush and Agave since they've discontinued my old fave, Blonde Woods and Musk. Jerks. Just kidding, I love you, Target.

2. Flowers

I usually grab whatever's under $10 at Trader Joe's and am always happy with what I come home with. Tulips are on heavy rotation right with it being April and all, but I'll take anything, especially hydrangeas. I like to keep them in our entryway and if it's an especially big bouquet, I'll split it up and put some on the kitchen table. I feel like they say "someone who has their crap together lives here, not someone who will pass by a cracker dust pile ten times". 

3. Special photos

Yeah, everyone has photos in their house, big whoop. They matter to me, though. When I've got my favorite family photos hung and displayed, I feel at home. I tend to go for black and white in our master, and color in the living room. All the important moments in our lives are on display and I like to think they tell our story.

4. A Catch All

We have a lot of junk. Junk mail, junk from Mother's Day Out, junk from the bottom of my purse (whoa nelly, it's like a black hole in there), you get it. The organization lover (needer?) in me feels better when there's a place to put bills, backpacks, and spare keys. I got this little shelving unit at Target and between that and the calendar, we stay pretty organized. 

5. Pretty Hand Towels

towel from Target

Totally unnecessary and unnoticed by most, pretty hand towels is what separates me from my current "grown up" life and when I was  living in a 400 square foot studio apartment outside of Boston after I graduated from college. My hand towels then were really just the 10 pack of washcloths you can buy for $3 and some change at Target. I also spent $40 a week on groceries and often had to call my parents for gas money to get to my first job, but that's a whole other sad (and character building?) story. Surprisingly, I look back on the whole time with a certain fondness, although I'm almost positive I didn't enjoy being broke as a joke at the time.

Anyway, those are the five things that have really gone a ways towards making this a home, not a house ; the personal touches I've added that didn't require paint, spackle, or a trip to the ER with a broken toe.


  1. Where is the pretty hand towel from?

    I'm obsessed with the Capri candles and she'll out my $30 every month happily. They have the spritzer now, too. While it doesn't linger as long as the candle, it lasts forever! I spritz on a daily basis before going to work), and I got it in early December with more than half a bottle left!

  2. Awe, I love these. It also really makes me want to get my house picked up and cleaned. Being on bed rest my house has suffered sooooo bad. My poor hubby is trying but he forgets that the house doesn't end with a cleanish kitchen and a picked up living room. Fighting the urge to nest is pretty easy when you have contractions every time you stand up though ;) Love the flowers everywhere. They make all the difference. My house has pictures EVERYWHERE and I love going into other peoples homes and seeing their stories.

    Aspen Kelty Marie

  3. Great list! I'm trying to keep flowers in the house more now too! And I feel the same way about photos! It was the first thing I wanted to add when we moved in... Really made it feel like home!

  4. I currently have 4 Capri Blue candles in Volcano in my house right now, and to say I'm obsessed, is an understatement. However, I don't typically like to "mix" scents but I also keep at least 2 Rewind candles burning in other places of the house. If you haven't smelled them, you need to! They originated in Charleston, SC and are made from re-purposed wine bottles that mimic wine scents. Merlot is my favorite for the fall/winter, and champagne is my favorite for the spring/summer! You can check it out here, http://www.rewinedcandles.com/

  5. I'm going to have to smell your candle recommendations! I usually get mine from B&BW but lately I can't settle on the perfect smell.

    1. DUDE. I just smelled Sweet Blush and Agave and it is the BEST. SMELL. EVER. I almost cleared out my Target. Thanks for the recommendation! Surely my husband will be sick of this in no time!

  6. You are officially a REAL person (screw the crackers) if you have nice hand towels AND remember to wash them. Major props :)

  7. I'm right there with you on touches of flowers can make a huge difference lol. But I guess I need to hit up Trader Joes...those gorgeous flowers for under $10?! I've been paying $10-$12 for what are mediocre bouquets to me.

  8. I love all of these things. Candles are a must! And fresh flowers always add so much cheer! Also, that little coat rack thing is amazing, I feel like I've seen that before, but now I'm thinking it would be a very nice little addition to our home :) I'm glad your house is feeling more like home to you!

  9. Everything looks so fresh, bright and beautiful, I love it! I need those candle holders on your mantle where'd you get them?

  10. Decor is a fluid art. (Always changing) :)


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