While I can't claim to have done any particularly impressive reading lately, I do love to read. I'd love to rattle off the snooty title of my most recent scholarly read, but my most recently devoured books, I Heart My Little A Holes and I Just Want to Pee Alone really reflect where I'm at right now.

My mom loves to read and it's something we've always shared since I was a kid. My very first chapter book was one of the Pee Wee Scout books and on Saturdays my dad would take me to the bookstore to get the next installment. It was my favorite.

Sadly, O doesn't share my love of reading. I used to read to her constantly as a baby and then the day she turned 9 months old she learned to walk and it was game over. She just can't sit still long enough to be interested. The girl even eats on the run, so reading just isn't happening. I haven't lost hope though, and am collecting some fantastic books for her in the hope that she'll take a breather from her nonstop marathon and take a look.

I've got some that are great for little kids and then I've been collecting some of my childhood 
favorites for when she's a little older.

The top 10 in her room currently:

- Make Way for Ducklings (I've blogged here about why I love this book)
- On the Night You Were Born (bought this the day I went into labor and her first photo and birth stats are taped on the inside front cover)
- The Daring Book for Girls (not intended for small kids, but I really love it)

There are more in her room, but those are definitely my faves.

These books are full of sweet stories and gorgeous illustrations, so you can't lose. I only hope someday she'll take a break from running through the house with no bottoms (potty training, you vicious B) while screaming her war cry to let me read them to her. If not? Next kid, maybe?

Another set of books I've enjoyed collecting is these Rifle Paper Company versions. You can get them at Amazon or Anthropologie and they're a little pricier being hardcover and all, but they are my absolute favorite books from when I was a kid (next to the Little House on the Prairie series which will never get bumped from the number one spot). The covers are just gorgeous and I hope she'll love them like I did when I was pre teen. 

(candle is Capri Blue Volcano from Anthropologie)

Any faves we need to add to our library?


  1. I actually have an AMAZING book I think you may like for her :) I ordered if for all three of my kids for birth gifts the link is here it's customized book where a little girl (or boy if you had a boy) can't remember her name so she goes on a journey to find it and then in the end it ends up being your kids' name. Super adorable and I just gout ours in a couple days ago :) Both of my kiddos are obsessed with books but my son can be so rough on them!

    Aspen Kelty Marie

  2. One of my favorites as a kid was Blueberries for Sal (a absolute must for a little Mainer girl) Have to admit I kinda like it just as much as a Mum 😜 Laura

  3. One of my favorites as a kid was Blueberries for Sal (a absolute must for a little Mainer girl) Have to admit I kinda like it just as much as a Mum 😜 Laura

  4. I'm from Prince Edward Island so naturally Anne of green gables is a favorite :) I love the rifle paper versions and definitely am going to look those up!

  5. We love "the true story of the 3 little pigs" by A. Wolf (it's a great parent read also, cracks us up). It was a childhood favorite of mine. We also got this book "press here" really awesome and I love the imagination it sparks, it's "interactive" maybe she'll sit through it. ;)

  6. I agree with Tawnya, love Anne of Green Gables! As a young child my FAVORITE book was Red is Best. We just started reading non board books. We just bought "The Day The Crayons Quit", "Dragons Love Tacos", and "The Pigeon Needs A Bath". Noah loved them all! As for sitting still, have you tried some look and find books? The interaction might keep her more interested.

  7. The Tickle Monster book is one of my daughter's favorites. It comes with fuzzy gloves to tickle her with too! She knows which body part is coming next so she'll hide it and laugh hysterically.

  8. A favourite of mine as a child was The Little Prince. I never fully understood it until I got older, but I always loved it.

  9. My favorite book ever as a little one was "The Princess and the Goblin" by George MacDonald. She's a little young for it now, but by the time she's around 6 or 7 a fairy tale that is a little longer (chapter book) might hit the spot!

  10. Love the classics you have in O's fav growing up as a beautifully illustrated version of Alice in Wonderland....I need to find where that book is hiding at my parents house next time I am home!

  11. Oh man Anne of Green Gables! That takes me back! Definitely one of my favorites! Love getting swept away by a book, fingers crossed O follows in your love of reading footsteps one day! Lucy

  12. Check out Zombie in Love- it's hilarious & sweet! If you guys like it, there's also a sequel.

  13. Oh! And you can't forget the classics like, Corduroy, Clifford, Curious George...


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