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So, what's been happening over here in suburbia?

Just the usual, plus a serious case of toddler with 'tude. The past couple of weeks with O have been pretty interesting, since she's challenging us constantly and has perfected this really fantastic public screech, but we're about to turn the corner. I'm sure of it. Ish.

Since she's comfortably tucked in bed with her Frozen backpack, two lambs, one unicorn, one elephant, and three blankets (while wearing her full Elsa costume) it's time for me to scroll through the old camera roll, throw some super high res iPhone pics on here, and fill you in on what's been happening.

Let's start with the search for white denim. My favorite, favorite pair (from the Gap factory store) left me pretty thoroughly traumatized last week when I squatted down to retrieve a jettisoned bath toy and they split from the zipper clear to the back of my butt. It's safe to say that's the harshest thing that's happened to my self esteem in quite some time. Since a trip to the outlets requires more stamina than I currently have, I've been searching TJ Maxx and Old Navy for a substitute pair.

reversible tote (Target, $30) | sweater (H&M $20)

Pants searching requires lots of Diet Dr. Pepper and the reluctant acceptance that I'll probably have to size up in order to avoid treading into that awful territory where white pants + a slim fit leg = sheer enough to see cellulite through. Anyone else know what the heck I'm talking about?

I've already mentioned Liv's testy little temperament, but in other news, the girl is obsessed with her accessories. I bought a grown up version of this Laura Cox necklace a couple weeks ago and ended up getting one for Liv as well once she stole mine and wouldn't give it back.

Dress (Gap, $35) | Bag (Target, $22)

 If I said I wasn't having a total blast with this girly stage I'd be a big fat liar with ripped white jeans. I totally love it and am painfully aware that it probably won't last, so I'm taking advantage now.

Speaking of girly girl, check out those pins.

sneakers (J Crew $80)

I've had sneakers on more in the past few weeks than in my entire life. The weather is Houston is at that sweet (albeit, slightly rainy) spot where it's warm but not hot yet, so we're outside pretty much constantly, running laps around the cul de sac, blowing bubbles, chasing the neighbor's dog, and even hitting the bowling alley on rainy days (the little toddler ramps for bowling are the coolest thing ever and the kid loves it).

The Easter bunny (aka her Gigi and Papa) bought her this Radio Flyer Tricycle and we've easily put 10 miles on that bad boy. We bought the brightest, tackiest, most princess covered helmet we could find and fortunately she thinks its dress up and is wearing it like a freaking tiara. Between the bike rides and trips to feed the turtles, we're pretty tapped out come nap time.

I almost never (never, never, never) take naps when she does. I usually work on WC, clean the house, and lately it's been when I do a lot of dinner prep, but today I vegged out (and eventually passed out) with my laptop, a great big iced coffee, and my celebrity gossip websites.

It's the little things.

So now we're onto the second half of April. For Ryan it means wrapping up his current job and prepping to start a new one on May 1 (same company, new role) and we're pretty psyched about it. We haven't seen a ton of him over the past couple of years since we moved here and this new position is going to mean a lot
 more time at home. Yay!
As for me, I'm getting ready for the WC Summer '15 launch (first week of May, get ready!) and trying to squeeze in all my appointments (dentist, eye doctor etc.) before O's Mother's Day Out program wraps up and I lose those 10 hours a week and we start traveling all Summer.

That's it for us so right now - nothing too exciting, just doing our thing!


  1. ddp is always required when trying to squeeze oneself into anything white and quasi sheer...totally get what you are talking about there.

  2. I totally hear ya on the white skinnies...I've been searching for some as last years Old Navy aren't quite cutting it for me this year...hello sheerness! Keep us updated once you find the perfect pair!

  3. A holy heck yeah and amen on white jeans sizing. I love them dearly but it's always an ego punch to the gut trying them on.

  4. LOVE your bag - I have been deciding whether to get one or not, and when I saw it in person, I loved how BIG it is!! White jeans...the never ending search. I found THE BEST pair at a JCrew factory store years ago, and they are finally too small (Thanks, two pregnancies), so I am on the hunt again. #girlproblems

    Good luck with the toddler 'tude! Cam is almost three and just finished a horrible stage...I am sure another one is on it's way! :)

  5. Congrats to Ryan on his new position! And hurray for more daddy/hubby time!

  6. Great news for the new job! I love your iPhone photos... literally why are they so much better than mine?

  7. Lately I've been taking naps during scarlett's nap times and it is SO unproductive! and girl I know all about the white jean problems, it is SO hard to find a pair that doesn't shot the cellulite. My legs/butt have never been the same since pregnancy. Glad to hear I'm not alone!

    Can't wait for the summer '15 launch! :)

  8. I definitely understand the white Jean paradox. Try Ann Taylor loft! I have loved them!

  9. Oh man I did that to a pair of shorts once. I was camping with a bunch of other people. Just had to laugh, hold my pants together and subtly dive into the nearest tent. Let us know when you find white jeans! I definitely need a pair but the sheerness/cellulite struggle is real! Lucy x

  10. ugh! I am having the hardest time finding new white jeans! and i'm totally with you about sizing up, white always seems to show every bump...let me know if you find any great ones!


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