Willow Crowns Trunk Show

This weekend was a crazy blur, but absolutely amazing! 

Steph flew in Friday night and we ran towards each other in the airport in slow motion, Baywatch style. While I was really bummed that she couldn't stay for more than 36 hours, I was thrilled to have her here, especially for the Willow Crowns trunk show. We had a blast at the show, grabbed some dinner, and saw 50 Shades because those are the things you do when you best friend/business partner is in town. 
Not only is Steph the most incredible friend (always present, judgement free, and my biggest cheerleader), she's an amazing person to have on the WC team. Working with her on the phone is never enough, so having her in person for an event like this was the icing on the cake. Her attention to detail will blow you away, she's always thinking "as the customer" to help us bring you better customer service, and she's not afraid to tell me when I come up with something that sucks. The best, and I mean it.

Macaron by Patisse was kind enough to host Cuteheads and us (thank you, thank you, Sukaina!) for a fun afternoon that involved lots of macaron consumption. We had no idea what a great turnout there would be and we were totally flattered that so many people came out to see us! Thanks for stopping by to witness our crazy first hand, we loved meeting everyone so much.

Esther's darling little girl showed up in her Katie headband and showed us all how eating macarons is done. I died.

With Steph and Esther 

We love teaming up with Esther any chance we get (did you know our due dates were exactly the same, just a year apart?) because she's such a great resource for us, an amazing small business inspiration, and all around fab lady. Olivia loves her heart patch leggings (which hold up through a thousand washings) and the tees are so soft and high quality. Liv rocked her Heart So Full tee today and I'll have pics to share later this week!

In addition to meeting our amazing customers, I was so thrilled to see our items displayed in a store. When you spend most of your work time behind a computer screen it can be pretty un-glam (I'm making that a word), and I got such a kick out of putting a pretty display together and getting to talk about our products in person - if you wanna talk hair and accessories all day long, I'm your girl.

I also have to majorly thank my fantastic husband for crushing it while on Daddy duty this weekend so I could focus on WC. He and Liv chilled and played and now she's crying for Da Da when I put her down for bed. Sorry kiddo, fun time is ovah.

 Our Spring collection launches Monday morning at 9 AM CST and I hope you all get a chance to click over to the site and check it out!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. I'm loving what I'm seeing so far and can't wait to check out the spring line... I only wish the Canadian dollar wasn't so shitty right now!!!

    1. I hope you love the whole darn thing!! I love seeing Miss Scarlet in her WC!

  2. So fun! Can't wait to see the whole collection!

  3. How fun! Wish I lived in Houston :)

  4. Hope you guys will host another event in the future!


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