Liv's Easter Basket

The blog ocean is just swimming with Easter basket posts these days, so what's one more fish, right?

Olivia's basket doesn't have a ton of stuff in it this year (which is more than fine, the kid isn't hurting for toys), but I'm really excited about what's in it and can't wait to watch her open it.

Her recent obsessions are purses, chapsticks/lip glosses, and jewelry so I hit all three of those right away. 

The tiny little purse from Target was actually in the adult section but was perfectly sized for a little toddler body and was in her favorite color, "boo". The Lip Smackers (man, do those take me back!) were in the Easter section at Target and I know she'll be thrilled to see the princesses. I've been tempted once or twice during a chap stick shortage to snag one of hers, but I've (barely) managed to resist.

The bracelets were a sweet package to get in the mail from our friends over at Sloan and Co! Olivia's obsessed with the Little Mermaid so when Marissa asked which ones she'd like, the Mermaid bracelet was a no brainer. They fit  perfectly in little eggs and will probably be her favorite gift of the day.

The little plush Unicorn is something she fell in love with (in a much larger size) at Pottery Barn Kids a month or so ago when we picked out her toddler bed bedding. She has a lamb from PBK and never goes anywhere without it, so hopefully the unicorn will give me a chance to get the lamb washed because, gross.

Finally, a holiday isn't complete without a themed book, right? At least according to my mother who insisted she get an Easter book. This one is adorable and talks about the different areas of Texas (which just so happens to be the unit they just finished at her Mother's Day Out program). 

So there you go. That's it, but I know she'll love it! I've asked Ryan to take us to brunch on Sunday since it's the first holiday we've ever spent without family in town, so we don't really have any plans. He got all excited and asked if crepes qualified as brunch, which I guess Liv and I will reluctantly tag along for (as I salivate at the thought of a nutella crepe). 

Here's a few links to where everything can be found!

Basket: Target
Bracelets: Mermaid, Flamingo
Purse: Target
Book: Amazon
Lip Smackers: Target in store


  1. EEK! $56 for the bunny book?!

    I was thinking of sending it as an Easter gift to a friend's baby but...

    Do you know where your mom actually got it from? Cause, for $56 I might as well give him the beginnings to a college fund.

    Or, myself a mani/pedi!

    1. No way! That's terrifying! It was $10 or so, and I got it at a Target in Texas :)

  2. What a perfect basket for a 2 1/2 year old girl! Crepes for Easter brunch sounds amazing!

  3. What a perfect basket for a little gal! She will love it :)

  4. She's going to love it! Esp the purse! I am in the process of putting a little Easter basket for my niece too.

  5. That little unicorn and the Ariel bracelet are PERFECT!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  6. that bracelet with Ariel is adorable...Elyse would DIE for a Cinderella one!


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