Blog Slacker

Well, I've been blog slacking for sure.

I could give you the whole song and dance about how busy we've been, company in town, toddler tyrant is attempting every known way to make me lose my sanity, blah, blah blah, but I'll spare you my drama queen antics.

Instead, let's talk about the good stuff that's been going on! 

The weather in Houston lately has been perfection. Just warm enough (mid 70s) and sunny, and we've been getting outside as much as possible. We have a little pond with tons of turtles in it down the road and we're making almost daily trips to feed them tortillas. When they swim up to the side (of the most dingy, disgusting water ever) O loses her mind and starts screaming "TUTTLES! TUTTLES, MAMA!!" "I feed tuttles!" Every time. Tuttles never get old.

The we usually end up playing bubbles outside until Ryan gets home from work, when we'll occasionally go grab a cone. 

We had the roof on our house completely replaced this week, which was a huge load off our minds. When we bought the house we knew the roof would need replacing soon since it was a 20 year roof and the house is 20 years old, so we finally pulled the trigger and this bad boy will be good for 50 more years. High five emojis all around. Next major project? Our like 2 years.

The beautiful weather has me thinking about florals, both in and outside the house. These tulips (from the grocery store - they're awesome) last for more than a week and are making our dresser fresh and pretty. I've been miracle gro - ing my front garden like crazy and am so excited about the ivy spreading on the front of our house. It was barely there when we moved in and now it's almost covered one half of the front. I hope it keeps growing because I love it - makes me think of where we lived in Boston. 

So that's what's been going on over here. While I may be a blog slacker, my Instagram addiction remains unhealthily strong, so you can catch me over there @willowcrowns

Speaking of the 'gram, we're launching our collab with All Things Pretty with some Instagram pre orders at noon EST, so be sure to check that out!



  1. I just love Olivia's pig tails! And those tulips are so pretty! I love how they last so much longer than other flowers I get!

    1. I used to really love hydrangeas, but I just couldn't get them to last as long, so tulips it is!

  2. I have so much love for that last pic! It looks like a very professional, highly-paid photographer took it. The turtles are so cute! I can see why Olivia loves to have them nearby.

    1. That's so nice of you! I've been working on the photography stuff so good to know it's looking ok!

  3. Love all of this! And everyone is a blog slacker sometimes, like me, but always haha I love the vines and the tulips and the tuttles ;) This was just a happy post!

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    Aspen Kelty Marie

  4. Love the tulips! And the tuttles. Our local park has a big pond with ducks and turtles and its definitely a favorite pass time for this toddler, too.

  5. those tulips are beautiful! I really need to grab some fresh flowers for our kitchen!

  6. I have been missing your blog posts!!! Good to know the weather in Texas is not so hot yet but I would a hot and humid day at this point! We got flurries over the weekend in Boston :/


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