A Week of Wear

Back for another round of immaculately documented outfit details! 

The weather in Texas has been weird lately. Mostly chilly and rainy but with some occasionally gorgeous days thrown in, so my outfits have been a little all over the place. I'm sticking to my uniform of skinny jeans/leggings with loose tops, flats or sneakers, and layering a utility jacket and scarves for the cooler days.

scarf | sweater (wrinkles and tiny bit of mashed up banana not included)

For the days when it's pouring I don't even bother with hair - it's a total waste. I love this  FEED projects hat from their collaboration with Target last year. It's perfectly broken in and each FEED purchase donates money to those in need.

jacket | denim | old target flats | bag | sweatshirt (similar)

These are necklaces I've been wearing daily. I bought the O disc before I had Olivia and have worn it every since. Just this last week bought the open circle because I love how delicate it is and knew it would be a perfect layering piece! Both necklaces are from Mia Earrings on Etsy and you can take 20% off your purchase with the code WILLOW20

top is from Marshalls | bag

scarf (similar) | bag | shoes (similar) | jersey hoodie (that's meant as sleepwear, but I don't care)

The weather is due to improve considerably over the next week, so I'll be making the switch from flats to sandals...watch out, it's about to get wild around here!


  1. Love hearing about the crazy weather in H-town! I'm moving back after 9 years in a couple months... just in time for 100 degree heat.

  2. I love your style! Now I just need to start wearing jeans instead of yoga pants more!

  3. Love your outfits!! The scarf is amazing :)
    Chelsea@ thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com

  4. The weather you're having in Houston sounds just like the weather we've been having here in Atlanta. Sunny and in the 70s one day then freezing with snow flurries the next, crazy!! Couldn't be more excited for Spring to come! I am loving these Mommy styles posts!

    Can you share the chain lengths of your Mia's Earrings necklaces?! Love the layering of the two!! xo

  5. Love the hat with a side pony and the scarf! Perfect for a day out and about ;)


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