Weekend Photos

Hey There!

I'm on a serious Super Bowl high so I don't know if I can collect myself enough to write a coherent post, so I'll just show you some pics from our weekend. It included lots of R and R, absolutely gorgeous 70 degree weather, some nail salon time, Chik Fil A in bulk, and our fave sports gear.

Have an awesome week!



  1. Sandals... I'm SO jealous! haha my photo's from the weekend consist of snow, snow and more snow ;)

  2. How late did Olivia make I through the game? Being on the east coast Noah only made it to halftime before bed! Congrats on your team's win! I love relaxing weekends... We had one too!

  3. Such a cute family photo!! Even if it is in Pats gear.. I'm a Steeler fan :) Congrats on the big win, hope you had a big glass of wine or champs to celebrate!!


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