Weekend Happenings

This weekend totally wiped us out. 

Between the yard work, house work, and toddler shenanigans (a kinder phrase than "shit show" which is what I really want to use), we're toast. It's all good though, so no complaints, we're going to sleep well tonight.

We've got a serious stretch of Spring visitors starting this week (we've got guests for 25 out of the next 40 days), which we are definitely excited about, but we've got to get this house in order. It's safe to say that Winter is basically over in Texas, since we enjoyed temps in the 70s all weekend and the lows have been above 40, so I planted new flowers and mulched, while Ryan raked, bagged, and pressure washed every inch of the front and back yard. The next couple of days I'll be focusing on the inside of the house, getting it squeaky clean, and tackling just a couple small projects like slapping a new coat of paint on Liv's hand me down dresser (our old dresser), and patching every little nail hole in sight.

Having guests is a great motivator, but all these things needed to be done anyway, so I'm glad we tackled some big projects this week. The office is still miles from done, but we've got finished doors on it now, so we can shut them and pretend that project doesn't exist, right?

We took breaks for sustenance (obviously we never miss a meal around here) and even met up with Veronika and Harper for dinner one night. Olivia put on a spectacular display of bad behavior and even threw her flimsy plastic restaurant cup of milk clear across the room when I dared to ask her to keep her hands out of her rice. Needless to say we didn't finish the meal and I ran her out of there so quickly I felt like I was going to dislocate my shoulder. As I ran/walked I could hear my Dad's threat when I was a kid "if you so much as put a toe out of line, I'll whip you out of there so fast your head will spin". The apple doesn't fall far, folks.

If I'm being honest, it's not one of my proudest parenting moments. Not that I took her out, that was what was right for us. Olivia's super strong willed and strong parenting is really all she responds to. When she behaves poorly (and I mean something significant like watering the floor with milk), we remove her from the situation and do immediate time outs and then go home. It's what works for us, so I'm done rationalizing that. What I wasn't proud of was my reaction as it happened. I grabbed her and raised my voice in a crowded restaurant and immediately became the parent I swore I wouldn't be. So much for those high ideals. Next time she mortifies me with public defiance, I'll take a deep breath and be cool as a cucumber. 


Anyway, this is the weekly surface level weekend recap you all wait for with bated breath, not a deep parenting post so I'm going to move on.

We ate, we worked, we played, and ate some more. We did laundry (so much stupid laundry), and kind of bummed hard that there wasn't any Sunday night football. We settled for Wolf of Wall Street and (me) blogging instead. 

A couple quick pics of this weekend's go to clothes, and I'm out!

Madewell surf breeze top (old, similar here) | favorite dark denim | flats 

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. we too had SO MUCH STUPID LAUNDRY!!! haha. ugh!! I don't know if I could handle guests for 25/40 days!!! I mean, I like having people visit, but usually a weekend is sufficient! :)

    And, your outfits are always so cute! mama has style!!!

  2. Seriously, your weather makes me want to move the eff out of here. haha. I bought Scarlett that little star romper in the blue yesterday, I can't wait until it gets here!

    Don't beat yourself up over the restaurant scene, I probably would have reacted the same way... it's so hard not to be reactive when you're embarrassed by the situation :(

  3. I am so jealous of your weather and that you are able to start doing this spring cleaning projects now! I was just saying this weekend that I'm really looking forward to it being light out at dinner time and using our deck again!!!

    I was at breakfast with a friend last week and her 15 month old threw his cup and I'm the horrible mom who almost laughed and then was impressed at how good his throw was! But it's always easier when it's not your kid. Your response is totally understandable but take heart on that its totally normal kid behavior too.

  4. Ah, toddlerhood. Sometimes running out is the best thing to do, especially with a strong willed child!

  5. I am so not ready for the days Presley decides to be defiant. Problem is she is a mix of me and my husband. Two stubborn, hard headed people. Someone send help now!


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