The 'Gram

If you've followed here for any length of time, you already know I'm a tiny bit addicted to Instagram. One of the reasons I love blogs is the inspiration (and aspirational) photos, and Instagram is just chock full of those bad boys. Staged or candid, funny or no caption at all, I love to scroll through and satisfy my nosy need for a peek into other people's lives. I try not to post too too many times a day and spam all of you, but I just love it.

Instagram is Willow Crowns' only source of advertising really, it's how we connect with customers, advertise sales, and check in on the babes and mamas wearing our stuff! As a mom, it's how I find cool new kids clothes, products, or snack ideas. As a wannabe fashion blogger it's how I find cute new boutiques, looks, and beauty products. The love runs deep, ladies.

So in honor of my love of the 'gram, I'm sharing some of my favorite accounts to follow. I'm sure that at least half of these ladies have zero clue I exist, but that's ok, just sharing the love over here today!

Let's go clockwise.

If someone else has a little blonde named Olivia, I'm likely to follow along, especially when their feed is as crisp, happy, and appealing as @kristygirl. For your daily dose of twin cuteness, and the occasional Willow Crowns shot (no, I have no shame), @some.kind.of.wonderful is a must follow.

Pregnant lady, pilates instructor, and all around fabulous @meganquint has me hooked with her killer style, and @_sarahtucker has her gorgeous feed full of her killer fashion sense, amazing travel, and cut bump photos. By the way, I like to follow the pregnant ladies so I can live vicariously through their adorable and seemingly stretch mark free pregnancies :) 

and p.s. if you aren't following on Instagram, you can find me here, overgramming on the regular.


  1. It's taken me so long to get into IG, weird I know but loving it now! Thanks for the suggestions on ppl to follow! I'm already following your IG, don't have a bub (yet!) but loving what you are doing with WC Lucy x

  2. Who doesn't love oggling pretty photos?! Exactly why I chose Inst over Facebook any day!


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