The Big Playroom Post

Well, it finally happened.

One room in our house is FINISHED.

It's the playroom, womp womp,  but our master isn't far behind. So cross your fingers that we'll get two rooms completed by the time we hit two years in this house!

To celebrate, I thought I'd do a roundup of my favorite things in the playroom, both for toys and furniture/decor. 90% of these things can be found on Amazon (which is where I'll link to) because I like instant gratification in the form of free 2 day shipping, what can I say?

Maybe the best thing we did in regard to the playroom was gate it off. This room was intended as a formal dining room, which we knew we'd never use. The first few days we lived here we put her in there with a few gates so I could keep an eye on her while I unpacked the first level of the house and it ended up just working perfectly as a playroom. The two gates we use are from Amazon and the short one can be found here, and the long one here. The long one is my favorite because you can add and remove sections to customize the length. Ours is anchored into one side of the wall and it's safe to say it will be staying up for quite a while longer.

We swapped the light fixture out recently for this one from IKEA and other than that, didn't have to do a lot of cosmetic work. The room was a nice neutral when we moved in and we love the plantation shutters, so we kept everything else as is!

My first favorite thing is the newest addition, the bookshelf/storage unit we got shortly after Christmas. My mother bought one for the playroom at her house and I loved it so much, I ordered it the second we got back to Texas. The shelves hold tons of books and toys and the bins are really deep, perfect for bigger toys and dress up. Ryan's in the process of building a dress up rack for her 
room, so some of this fluffy stuff will be relocated, but it all fits perfectly in here.

Another piece that I added sometime last Spring was our old IKEA coffee table from when we were living in Boston. I painted it white, added some baskets and a roll of paper, and it's a craft/puzzle table. It's the perfect height for her and being able to cram all the random crayons, coloring books, and chalk into some discreet baskets is a plus. 

Speaking of baskets, I really love these baskets from Target to store blocks, legos, stuffed animals, and all of the miscellaneous toddler debris. 

The teepee is something we got as a Christmas gift last year, and it's just recently that she's started to show an interest in it. She'll crawl in and camp out with her little stuffed animals or lay down and pretend to nap. It's from Tip Top Teepee Shop on Etsy and the quality is fantastic.

The only adult concession in the room is the little chair and pouf in the corner. After sitting on the floor for hours, I said no more and picked this little thing up at IKEA. I love that the covers zip off all the cushions so I can wash the yogurt smear off of them and it's part of a sectional that we can build as she gets older and there are fewer toys in the room. The pouf is from Target and a nice little landing pad for Liv when she falls off the couch.

Now that the big stuff is covered, let's talk toys.

The Kid Kraft kitchen was a birthday gift hit and they have some really cute Melissa and Doug play food/utensils/whatever that I'm gradually procuring. Also Melissa and Doug is the cleaning set and mailbox. She loves to play "mail" since she gets so much practice with me on a daily basis.

Another Melissa and Doug (I know, I know) is the puzzle rack. I has having a hard time keeping the puzzles contained without losing pieces in the bottom of a bin, so this totally does the trick.

I'm currently loving this garland from Sweet Cuts Shoppe and plan on keeping it up even after Valentine's Day.

A little hook for some dress up is great for displaying cute little princess dresses and I love these gem shaped crayons that we keep on the table. They're cute, easy to grip, and really affordable.

Liv spends hours a day in the playroom, so it's been a priority to get it done, have it well stocked with fun stuff, and I can't tell you how glad I am we have it. We also keep a small tv and an Apple Tv in her playroom, so it's not uncommon to switch on Daniel Tiger once the witching hour arrives. 

So there you go! I hope I've linked everything and answered questions everyone's had about where things are from!


  1. It looks amazing! Love the geometric shapes blocks! We are looking into getting a teepee for our babes 1year. Eventually becoming a reading nook

  2. I love it! We are obsessed with Melissa and Doug too ;). That company is genius!

  3. Love, love, love this happy room! And that little heart pillow! <3

  4. What a fun room!!! I want to play in here. :) I love that everything has a home - I am such a neat freak with that stuff and am trying to get Cam to put things where they belong. (He's 2.5....we have a ways to go, but he's getting it!) Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to see the master!!

  5. I love her playroom! It's gorgeous and really well done!
    oh the link for the larger gate isn't working, would you mind letting me know what the link is?

  6. what a great room! We have that kitchen in red and it's such a great purchase!


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