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I'm a creature of habit in most every way. I get up and make the bed, every single day. I get a venti decaf skinny vanilla latte...every single day (except now because it's Lent and I'm feeling very uncomfortable, oh hey there OCD!). So when it comes to my makeup, I keep it the same. Every single day.

I don't often even shop for new makeup, but recently I felt like some items in my current line up just weren't cutting it for me so I've been on the hunt for the past few weeks and found some good stuff!

The primary issue lately has been my skin. I've had acne fore the majority of my life and adult acne seems to be here to stay. I've really liked the Paula's Choice Clear line for keeping my skin in line, but I'm still getting one or two breakouts every few days and the overall quality of my skin has been pretty poor. Dull, dry, flaky, bleh.

So after reading lots of reviews, I purchased and have been using the 4% BHA liquid exfoliant and love it. Initially I'd caution you to try it just once a week, but I'm now using it every couple of days and when I wake up in the morning it's like someone took a magic eraser to my face. It's helping with the cystic breakouts, it's fading acne scars and red marks, and just makes everything look so much smoother under makeup

I also bought the Skin Balancing Antioxidant Treatment with Retinol as the start of my anti aging regime. I'm not even 30 but I'd like to help my skin start aging gracefully and this had phenomenal reviews. This was also touted as a fantastic makeup primer and I'd have to agree - it's awesome. The texture is silky, thin, and applies beautifully. Fingers crossed it keeps the wrinkles at bay!

Since I'm covering up acne scars and the occasional breakout, I like a full coverage foundation. I was really loving the Kat Von D for a while because it's coverage like whoa (goodbye red spots) but I wasn't super happy with how it looked as the day wore on. It started flaking over dry spots, settling into some fine lines, and just overall not looking awesome. While I still love it as a spot concealer, I'm newly obsessed with the Makeup Forever Mat Velvet Foundation. It stays all day long, doesn't settle or flake at all, and the coverage? It's not as heavy duty as the Kat Von D at first blush, but it's super buildable so I'm loving it.

I'm wearing number 30 in this foundation and highly, highly recommend giving it a try.

I loved this foundation, but it wasn't until I tried it with the Becca Perfecting Brush that I was blown away. I've had this brush forever, but had a hard time getting it super clean so had stopped using it. After I found this brush cleaner (and it blew my mind, seriously) the brush was super super clean and I thought I'd give it a go with the new foundation. Whoa.

Skin like I've never seen. I need to take a photo to show you all. Cue an awkward selfie from me coming soon.

I've been using the Honest body oil on Liv for a couple weeks and after using it on my elbows here and there, I'm hooked. Smells great, not greasy, absorbs super fast. Done, done, and done.

 Back to my foundation issues.

I was having lots of creasing and just general awfulness going on with my under eye area as well and decided that maybe a heavy duty concealer wasn't the way to go. After a few nights with the Paula's Choice serum, the bags seemed to shrink and I felt like a brightener would be enough. Enter the Benefit Ooh La Lift product.

Super thin and not cakey at all, it's the perfect undereye pick me up for nights when I hear Liv kicking her feet against the wall from 2-3 a.m.

I got the Naked On the Run palette for Christmas and I love everything in it, seriously. Nothing I would want to give up. Not only does it contain my favorite mascara, but the blush is my new favorite and the shadows are just my style - creamy neutrals. Next time I travel, this and some foundation are all I'll need to take with me.

What are you loving for products lately?!


  1. These look like great products! Esp the eye products. I need that brightener! Which mascara is in that palette? I had been loving Benefit They're Real, but it seems like it dries out very quickly. Btw I am a tried and true girl myself and don't switch up my makeup shades very often either. You always seem to find the best beauty products. I'm still loving that Jergen's BB body cream you recommended previously.

  2. So funny. This was literally like reading a post I wrote. I don't get too many blemishes any more, fortunately (I'm 25). My main problem is REDNESS. I'm super, super fair and get redness in the cheeks and chin fairly easily. It's not rosacea, but I started using a rosacea cream and am hoping to see some results. In the mean time, I've been using the MUFE Mat Velvet Plus for about a year now. OMG in love. Such great coverage and looks great all day, like you said. I used to use the Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation, but I found that highlighted the dry patches on my cheeks after a few hours.
    I also discovered that Benefit eye brightener recently and loved it. During a 7 (ehem) hour delay from NYC to Austin for a conference a few weeks back, I found myself (very ehem) bored and ended up feeding the Benefit vending machine $30 for a set of minis. Ooh La Lift was probably my favorite item in the pack!

  3. Also try coconut oil and a few drops of vitamin e oil for dry elbows & hands at night before bed! Just started this and it works so great.


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