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Yesterday I mentioned that Liv's Mother's Day Out days have given me a chance to get back into taking Pilates classes, which I'm loving. I might be more than 2 years postpartum, but this body is still a serious work in progress. My expectations are pretty low, honestly. I know the extra skin and stretch marks are here to stay and I'm totally fine with that, but I do want to focus on feeling healthy and strong.

I lost all my baby weight after Liv was born (which you can read about here in case you're interested) but the waffle fries start creeping in, the weekends get lazy, and all of the sudden I find myself having to check myself. I'm tightening up the food part of the equation, and now it's time to work on toning.

Enter Pilates.

Pilates is the only kind of exercise I actually enjoy. I've been a dedicated gym rat before, but never enjoyed it, I only did it because I felt good after. I jokingly (but not really) say that I like Pilates because I don't have to sweat and I don't get out of breath. Also, I swear the results show incredibly quickly. I first started reformer 8 weeks post partum and after 8 weeks, I could honestly feel my abs coming back together.

Anyway, I do reformer Pilates and after 5 sessions back, can already tell a difference in my arms, abs, and legs. It's great timing since Spring and warm weather will come to Texas in just a month or so, but also because we're talking baby number two. Now before you get all excited, I just said talking. We're talking about the possibility of a 2016/2017 baby and I'd like to be in better shape for the next pregnancy. I had literally no abs the first go around and popped out right away. I know it tends to be even more of an issue with second pregnancies, so I'm hoping to get a little stronger and more toned over the next year before I hand my body over to a teeny tiny human.

You know I firmly (and totally unnecessarily) believe in getting the right gear for the occasion, and this is no different. Here's some of my faves (and they're also good for lounging, which we certainly do plenty of). Just scroll through, to see what I'm loving.

90% of of my workout gear comes from Target. I love the c9 by Champion brand and swear by their yoga crops and sports bras. There are almost always either coupons or a cartwheel for their products, so I stock up when there's a deal! The pants are crazy stretchy, don't ride up or down, and the sports bras make me look like I'm working with more than I actually am, which I don't hate.

The socks have amazing grip and can be found at Amazon too (I think the image links to Kohls - just search Lupo Pilates Socks on Amazon). Our instructor always has us roll on foam rollers at the end of class to release all the lactic acid from our muscles (which hurts like a b, by the way) so lots of water is in order afterward to flush it all out. Liv loves her Contigo water bottle and I love mine (also at Target). Finally, the Lululemon Define top is great for tossing on over workout gear and going to run errands. I love that it sucks me in and is really flattering. Win win.

So there you go. Since I had class today, I'll probably be literally crawling out of bed tomorrow, since I'm already sore. Know what's extra sad about that? It's from the beginners class.
We've got a looong way to go.


  1. I think I may have tried Pilates once but you make me want to try again! Cute socks! And cool that you guys are talking about baby #2... Just talking is a big step :)

  2. I was doing crossfit (or a suedo crossfit) this past year.... I really enjoyed it! it's a no frills gym! but more expensive than the luxury gym my husband goes to. I tried the fancy gym and didn't like it. i've tried "barre method" and felt like i needed to work out after- pilates.... i'll have to try that! :)

    Am i the only one who can't see the 'products loading' section?

  3. I've never tried Pilates, i used to be married to the gym...before i acctually got married and had babies. Now I'm starting to make time to go for runs with olivia while Gus is at school but I seriously have not worked out since i got pregnant with Gus...It;s been three years. I lost all my baby weight too and Totally get the toning part. And i absolutley love those socks!


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