On The Rack

Today's post is about some organizational OCD manifestation. Fun, right?

I'm a tiny bit obsessed with how other people organize and in particular, how they organize their clothes. We have a big new dresser (yay for yoga pants having their very own drawer, they deserve it) and a pretty big closet, but I also keep a garment rack near our dresser.

I tend to stick to a uniform, usually skinny pants with a blousy top and flats or yoga crops and Converse. For the Summer I live in rompers and sundresses, and a warm weather variation on the skinny pant theme. This means I wear a lot of the same clothes over and over, and rather than digging through closets or drawers, I like to keep them out and handy.

Every few weeks after I'm finished laundry, I rotate a few pieces out depending on weather, mood, and what I've got coming up and those are the pieces that live on the rack for a while. It really simplifies my morning routine as far as getting dressed, and I just really like this system. So while it's not anything new (because let's face it, I like what I like and I've blogged these items a dozen times!) I thought I'd share what's living on the rack currently.

I've blogged a lot about these sweaters from H&M before I'm and still living in them. You can see them here in navy and green, but I also have the wine and cream colors. They're nice and lightweight (ideal for Houston where it's still warm on some days) and they're really flowy without being tent-like. 

A basic chambray shirt is a staple and my Lululemon Define jacket are in heavy rotation, as well as my favorite utility jacket (similar here), big 'ol blanket scarf and J Crew vest with the chills hit.

 For shoes, I reach for Tory Burch flats (black or gold - my favorite neutrals) almost daily. I swap in my monogrammed Converse for casual days and the Target booties (sold out, but similar here) are great for transitioning to dinner out.

While this dress from Pomp and Circumstance isn't really weather appropriate and I'm saving it for Spring, it's new and I'm loving just looking at it.

So that's what's on the rack lately! What are you loving right now?


  1. The weather here is super different with multiple feet of snow. So my go-tos involve boots, puffy jackets, and scarves. I recently refound my elbow-length gloves which I'm loving to keep the cold air of out the sleeves! #northernproblems

  2. Im in a trend of skinny pants - i really like the Skimmer Skinnies from GAP. they look great w/flats or heels. I am also a fan of a cardigan and tank or a light weight wool merino sweater and cami. this will most likely be my spring staple....on the weekends, i'll swap out the skinny kahki pants for denim skinny ankle pants. i like what i like..... ha! and it's not boring.

  3. Loving that dress!! Gets me all ready for Spring too ;) You're also making me want to give this rack business a try....

  4. I need a rack in my life. And with that a bigger home. And with that I just realized I need to text you back! #mombrain

  5. Love the idea of a rack and your bedroom looks so pretty. But just to let you know, those boots aren't sold out. They're called the Hartley II and they're on-line at Target. I actually just did a post this week showing a couple of ways I wear them. www.megintime.com


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