Mother's Day Out

We're entering week four of Mother's Day Out tomorrow and I thought it would be a good time to give you all the pre, pre- school scoop! 

Lots of friends had told me for nearly a year that I had to get Liv into an MDO program and that it would change my life. Honestly, I didn't need much convincing. Liv is a classic only child and I knew she'd really benefit from having time with other kids and with Willow Crowns growing daily, I was feeling spread a little thin. 

She goes two days a week, for 5.5 hours each day, which seemed like a long time the first day, but it's flown ever since.  

The bottom line : we both love it.

I love the time it gives me to work, I've been able to get back to Pilates a couple times a week which I'm loving, and I notice a lot of big changes in her.

She's doing a great job listening to directions most of the time, way way better than a couple of months ago. I can't know for sure if it's a product of having teachers and other kids to follow along with, or if it's a product of her age, but I'm leaning towards MDO for this one.

My little non-talker is suddenly talking a blue streak. Again, I'm sure her age is playing a role in this, but having to communicate with teachers and classmates who don't know her patented point and whine system of communication is certainly helping as well.

She loves getting ready for school in the morning:

I'm having so much fun packing her little lunches:

And I can't wait to pick her up at the end of the day:

She's wiped out when she comes home (since nosy Rosie is too interested in what's going on to nap while she's there), but has a blast playing with her little friends and I'm appreciating our time together more. I feel like our life has a lot more balance these days and I'm not working on the shop during the weekends anymore, which allows us to actually spend some good quality time when Ryan is home.

I've put a little slideshow of some of our favorite Mother's Day Out gear in case you're gearing up to send your little one soon! It's mostly cheap tees and leggings that can get ruined without breaking the bank, comfy shoes, and our fave lunchbox/sippy cup.


  1. I so wish we had a program like this here! I guess I could just send her to the day home, but it's not really structured.

  2. We don't have MDO programs here but the preschool Noah will be going to this fall does have an 18 month old program, so I guess that's similar. So glad she is enjoying it! Did she ever cry when you drop her off?

  3. We are starting in the fall and while I am extremely anxious, I've been told by been there done that mommies, it is one of the best decisions...Ya'll to transition so easily. I'm just worried about the meltdowns at drop offs. Were there any?

  4. I didn't know Boom Chicka Pop had that flavor! I have got to try that!

  5. so precious! I really wish we had a good local MDO program...everything is simply tied to daycares or the schools and so we haven't had the opportunity to participate. However, we're planning on sending Elyse to pre-school in the fall for 2-3 days a week. I'm super excited!

  6. I need to find those little Boom Chicka Pops! My girl will go nuts, she loves "Chicky Chicky Boom Boom Pop Pop Pop".
    We don't have MDO here either, but we do have several parent co-op toddler "schools". The co-op part, of course, means I have/get to go with my daughter, but it has been an awesome pre-preschool experience.

  7. Ok, that's the second time I've seen this popcorn..I think I need to find it and give it a try. :)

  8. Love that ELSA dress, can you link where you found it. So precious


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