Loving Lately

1. Toddler topknots. Like always.

boots | shirt | pants (both pants and shirt are from Target!)

Liv has a major cowlick at the back of her head and sometimes the only way to tame it is to throw it in a bun. Plus it's so fun to watch it bounce when she runs.

2. Wrap tops

This top is an old favorite from Old Navy (that is now on major sale) that I broke out the other day when it was a little warmer and it reminded me how much I love these things. Flattering even on bloated days and pulled together but casual.

3. Starbucks iced lattes at home.

It's like the universe said "here Megan, this is for you".

4. Monogrammed pillowcases.

It's a sickness, I can't stop the monogram madness. These Target covers are price perfect and the yellow is a nice addition of a color we don't have a lot of.

5. Matching the mini.

I 'grammed this a while ago, but I'm a repeat offender. My favorite monogrammed converse from Crystal Faye get worn at least 4 times a week so I thought that Liv should have a pair. I got these from Zappos (man I love sites that ship fast) and we're living in them.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Those shoes are the cutest! And how have I never seen this Starbucks at home drink?????

  2. Liv has a better top knot than me! You're making me think I NEED new throw pillows when really I don't... Well who really needs more lol! I love monogrammed things too!

  3. I found the Starbucks latte drink at the grocery store this past Sunday - I couldn't believe it!! And it doesn't hurt that the entire bottle is the cost of one tall drink at Starbucks. :)

  4. Toddler topknots and mini converse? So precious!!! Do you buy your normal shoe size in converse? I've always been in between sizes in converse and like to hear what other people have chosen! Thanks!

  5. Toddler top knots are my fav!!! And I've got three little tots to top with a bun! :)

  6. love your matching chucks! so precious!

  7. I love the matching! And toddler top knots are my fav too :)


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